Whats up with the preorders?



Got my 5k plus today but I can’t use it till next Sunday.


I pre-ordered Oct 27, 2018 (P13xx). I’ve been patient watching many others in the forums asking Pimax staff to check their order status, all the while thinking “just be patient guys, you’ll get your headset eventually, Pimax are trying as hard as they can!”

Turns out my headset has been sitting in an overseas warehouse for weeks awaiting details that I WAS NEVER ASKED FOR.

On March 25 I checked the order status page to discover my HMD was “Shipped out from Shanghai”. “Cool, it’s on its way!”. I’ve checked the order status page a few more times since then but received a “order not found” error. I created a support ticket to find out why and received a response just now saying my address needs confirming.

I’ve received no previous requests to confirm my address. Why not? How am I to know that my address required confirmation? It was supplied when I pre-ordered. Unfortunately, my question went unanswered. How long would my HMD have sat around in Hong Kong collecting dust? Delivery of my HMD has now been delayed for several weeks more.

Can @Dallas.Hao, @mozi or someone else in support tell me why I was never asked to confirm my address as soon as it was required?

So much for my good will and patience and avoiding spamming the forums. Evidently, I should’ve yelled and screamed like everyone else :confounded:

TL;DR: if you’re concerned your HMD is taking too long to arrive, contact support and ask where it is.


Thank you. This actually helps, just wanted to make sure I wasn’t by passed or so.


Thank you @mozi @PimaxVR , my 5K+ has arrived yesterday. Thank you!


You’re a sacred cuckold :wink:

My first tracking on March 4th, order on December 6th, and Mozi can not get my pimax delivered, he is back to stoke for a good 22 days …
Does anyone know who he is talking about when he mentions “our logistics partner”?
Is this ex: Dpd? or logistic pimax?


Is it no better time to fly my own pimax helmet to the DPD warehouse in Stoke?
When do you think?


I had exactly the same problem, missing shipping address - which means that the pre-order addresses we supplied were set as billing addresses and the shipping address left blank.

Even then, when I asked pre-orders and Dallas to check, they told me everything was fine :slight_smile: It was only after that I got Mozi to check, and he finally confirmed it was missing - as soon as it was updated, everything went smoothly from there. So I only trust Mozi’s opinion on anything :wink:


Ah, that makes sense, as I had no idea! So why didn’t Pimax ask for a shipping address when they were ready to ship? I would have my unit now if they did. And how did they know which overseas warehouse to send it to if my billing address was ignored?

The bigger problem for me is that this negligence encourages whinging and punishes patience.


I think only Pimax can answer that, but it seems their logistics systems were not fully ‘joined up’, and without anyone keeping much oversight on the whole process, no one noticed that it wasn’t working properly either :slight_smile:

But the earlier adopters were worst hit - most likely new customers now won’t see the same degree of chaotic delivery, hopefully…


My 5k+ pre-ordered on the 10th of Dec was delivered to me in Australia today.

It was eight days from the shipped email to delivery. A couple of those days at the start showed no movement.


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