Whats up with the preorders?



you have 180 days (6 months) to start a dispute


Im from Germany (P131X) :slight_smile:


Canada (P10XX) here!

It’s pitch black in Canada as I have been reading on reddit.


UK here 122x…still no news :frowning:


Denmark (P105X)… :denmark:


Poland… :poland: :slight_smile:


Switzerland :switzerland:P121XXX
Adress updated on february 18th and no further informations since then. :cry:
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UK here P123XXX.

Pimax should look to under promise and over deliver, rather than the other way around.


P1221XX from Czech Republic
I’ve got email about update shipping address 2 weaks ago. There was no mistake in my address. I just replace phone from +420xxx to 00420xxx. There is no communication from Pimax :frowning: .


It was the same with me, brother. P122X number from Poland, I changed from 0048 … to +48 :slight_smile:


1234xx ordered 1/27, nothing since the order confirmation e-mail. Been waiting anxiously for that UPS notification. What’s going on? Weren’t pretty much all pre-orders before ~2/15 supposed to ship by 2/21? (I’m not complaining, only inquiring).


The last pledge shipped included only like 160 devices. This was today posted on the ready to send threat. And this was the first batch since a long time… I guess we just have to wait. I was following the posts here long enough to know that it could take a long time to delivery. Preorder 122xxx here


I’m in USA ordered October 27th P#1184 no shipping info absolutely 0. Many people already received theirs even ordering way after me. :persevere::disappointed_relieved::tired_face::unamused::frowning::cry::triumph::confounded::disappointed:


Have you been waiting 16 months like many backers still are? Perhaps you should put things into perspective.


Please don’t forget we paid 5K+ 700$ and 900$ for 8K (+ shipping for some of us) WITHOUT ANY REWARD (like eye tracking, 100$ coupon for wireless etc…) no date shipping any news no spread sheet…
Perhaps you should put things into perspective. :smile:


yes I’m aware. Backer shipping dates have been numerous and always inacurate for the last 1.4 years. Spreadsheet is vague and generic at best. But I understand both sides.


I stand by what scorpion90 just posted, not only did we pay double or more we also waited for the consumer release unlike you and many other backers taking a leap of faith in a company that promised to create a headset that might see the light of day. You and the other backers had no guarantee you would receive a pimax at all.


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Ship by 21st? Please provide answers. Solution.


I’m not excusing it but the logistics team considers “shipped” to be when the packaged products change hands to the freight forwarder. The devices are indeed shipping but not endpoint shipping that you and I would typically expect. Therefore most people wouldn’t get a tracking number on the 22nd etc. but the package is being transported. In most cases tracking numbers would follow after it arrives at the regional transport company.


So are they just handed over to a warehouse in china and than they get shipped from there? or how does this system work? and how long does it “normally” take for a batch to arrive at its final destination?