Whats up with the preorders?



It depends on the destination. They are released to the logistics agency in SH who then relay the various communications from freight forwarders and shippers as needed. Since the time required to get through customs at different locations it becomes hard to predict. On average the packages get to customs in 7-10 days. Sometimes if customs can’t get to them quick enough they are transported to a holding warehouse - the larger the shipment the more likely that can happen. BUT the more times the same shipment repeats customs typically holds them for shorter intervals. So up to 3 weeks + 5 working days to the endpoint. A perfect run would be 7 days + 3 days to the endpoint.


Thank you :slight_smile:

Are the low preorder numbers getting shipped first and we can expect the delivery in a few days, or are they picked randomly and it still could be weeks or even months ?


In continuation of @UrAnus questions:

If there is issues with the address like in my case, will I be skipped and move back in line or will “my” headset wait at the freight forwarder for the shipping info to be provided by SH?

The reason I’m asking is, I have a very low pre-order number (#105X) and if I’ve been skipped (~ a week ago) I’m afraid “my” headset isn’t even produced now (if UK warehouse/freight forwarder has sent all units they had?).

If that’s the case it would mean I would have to wait up to a month more because I left out my phone number when ordering (a field that wasn’t required when ordering).

Again, thanks for taking the time to answer a lot of our questions, Kevin! Both here and in various interviews! :wink:


Same thing here xD got the confirm your address mail on monday feb 18th and didnt hear anything since then.


You shouldn’t wind up negatively effected because the device earmarked for you would still be at the freight forwarder destination. Because of that once your address info is ‘ok’ that’s take it to the endpoint. The only delay should be the gap for fixing the address itself. I’ve been doing this a long time and I highly doubt you would get a do not pass go sort of situation over that.


Same for me too.
I’m worried being skipped just like you said…
Who could tell us more about preorders?


The “earmarked” keyword was all I wanted to hear. Thanks a lot, Kevin! :wink:


So does that mean that the units of the people who received this mail are already on their way or at least in custom ?


It means that on the factory side your device was allocated to one of the shipment batches.


So a batch that is already “created” or just one that is in the planning ? :slight_smile:


Batches only exist from a logistics perspective once the devices are built and packaged. For the purposes of this discussion there are no theoretical batches as at that point they are fully packaged devices handed over to the freight agency.


Thanks Kevin
You just gave us a little more hope we will soon experiment VR 2nd gen!


These are good news then ^^ Thank you
In that case I will keep checking my mail account every few minutes :smile:


Indeed. I got more info about the shipping process in a few posts here than I’ve gotten following this forum for months… :+1::wink:




:smile: just like that
its my morning routine at the moment. I really cant wait anymore. I think this is what they call torture .


Could you tell me if the status on my order is going to change or how can notice that my order is moving forward?


I think you cant and he cant either. Only the guys in SH can.


I wasn’t asking about my personal case but how it works (or should work) in general


How it should work is that the guys in SH give us more valuable information but that wont happen anytime soon.