Whats up with the preorders?



I totally agree
That’s why I’m trying to steal some information from Kevin :wink:


finally good news for early pre-order, so we can expect every day a tracking number or package to arrive. I would prefer the package :joy:


Thanks for the info Kevin!


So how do I know if my confirmed address is correct? ( I got the email to confim it and I did as advised.) For all I know my headset could be sitting there forever because I haven’t received any confirmation from pimax that my address is ok.


I PM’ed Dallas the other day and have just gotten a reply.

Address confirmed and shipping is being scheduled… :wink::+1:

He also wrote that the order would be updated with tracking number.


I also wrote about the address but I have not received any confirmation so far …



Hahaha. Yup, that is me each morning when I check my emails. Thanks for the updates Kevin. It has certainly given me hope that I will eventually receive my 5k+.


@Dallas.Hao @PimaxUSA @PimaxVR @xunshu

Same question here, when can I expect my headset to arrive in Malaysia (Order No: P122XXX)

At least managed your customer expectation. Dont ignore our emails mannnnnnn.


Got a kind of tracking today :slight_smile:
Mail says order has been dispatched
Tracking says your delivery has been cancelled
DPD support says they dont even have the package yet
Im not even mad anymore xD


I find that funny that as you complain on the forum you get an email quite rapidly afterwards, wouldn’t it be simple for Pimax to get a standard manufacturing/shipping info on our account, since 26-10-2018 my P1287 is on status “unfulfilled” with no info wether it’s built, shipped to Europe, set in standby as the database reader can’t read my French adress… etc.
I’m pretty sure the info couldn’t be that hard to upload to their database instead of manually sending emails


I just tried the same tactic … hope it’s going to bring some results.
We’ll see…


I also but my browser sends invisible messages and no one replies to me :confused:


I am German and waiting for 5k BE (preorder 1238). No answer from the support. Can’t found a Spreadsheet for the preorders. I am totally confused by the organization from Pimax. what’s next?


5k Be takes longer then the 5k+ because of the priorities
Since my order is P124XXX
So yeah… God knows how long i have to wait.
Like to know of some info when i might get it


@PimaxUSA: I’ve been wondering what’s up with the pre-order numbers?

Mine is P105X but it seems to me that shortly after those low numbers in the thousands order number were bumped to 100k+?

Do You know what happened there?

Did they bump the order numbers when they put up the 2nd pre-order site or what (that would make sense)?

I’m asking as I’ve seen many people with 100k+ pre-order numbers being frustrated about the “fact” that there’s apparently 100k+ orders before theirs in the queue and some might think; Screw this, I’m cancelling my order.


im in the 100k
But i can wait max 180 days to get a refund from paypal
So they got time untill 27/08/2019 <-- DD/MM/JJJJ


They just changed the numbering, don’t know the reasoning. I do know it wasn’t because of an instantaneous influx. There are a lot of orders every day but not at that degree.


Thanks for clarifying that.

I’ll be sure to link to this specific comment if/when I encounter the question again :wink:


So it does not matter if you are p100000 or p10000 ?


I think I can answer that… :wink:

They are generally sent in the order they were initially ordered (p10000 before p100000), but it doesn’t mean there’s 90000 units between those two order numbers if that’s the question.

I’m pretty sure they changed the numbering before reaching P2000 (I don’t think I’ve seen anyone with a order number that “high” in the 1000’s.) and continued in the 100000’s (maybe it’s actually 120000 and up?), but this is purely based on which order number I’ve seen mentioned on this forum.