Whats up with the preorders?



Thanks for the info. my heart went from 150 bpm to 78 :+1:


Same for me because I am P121xxx from October 31st…


That’s only four days after my order (P105X).


:sweat_smile: relieved to hear that


I’d rather wait a bit then getting it delivered in broken pieces by high pressure
But of course within those 180 days :sweat_smile:


I also ordered October 27 (P122X) - I am still waiting for some sign of God :wink:


I ordered October 30. and i’am 121xxx


After this attempt, I received another e-mail asking me to give one more time my complete address for the shipping… again :roll_eyes:
But no further information i.e. when they gonna ship my 5k+. So I have to say that it wasn’t really effective.

Someone else has another tactic to try?


I’m waiting for the tracking number too, so who knows if it worked… :grin:


I got a tracking (Germany) but dpd told me that they yet have to receive the package xD
So I am basically stuck in another limbo :smile:


USA order 129x got my shipping notice a couple of days ago and UPS shows will be delivered next Thursday. Hopefully all of the issues have been worked out and I’ll get a good unit.


what date did you order it?


Tried ordering day 1 failed ordered day 2. Pimax did say I would be in the “first” batch because of the ordering fail on their end.


Same here… :slight_smile: Oh well… :wink:


Same here, I ordered day 2 p11xx ive emailed and opened a report but as of now… nothing :unamused:


Yeah, we’re a big family of impatient preorders now :stuck_out_tongue:


With ticking time bomb that explodes within 180 days :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No pre-orders mad tonight ?
Everybody received their hmd ?
I’m still waiting for a status change or a shipping confirmation or let’s go crazy… A TRACKING NUMBER :pray:t2::crazy_face:


there is never anything on weekends ^^


You’re right but it would be so nice playing with a 5K+, I mean right now! :disappointed_relieved: