Whats up with the preorders?



No just chilling and hope i will get it in march. Complainig will not fasten the shipment :person_in_lotus_position:‍♂


I believed its fair for us to questioned on the delivery status without being categorized as “impatient buyer”, especially when they made such claims as below: this was the main reason i made my purchase at the first place.

And now, my inquiries are being ignored. Well done!


I can tell you the exact opposite, everyone working at customer service will tell you that clients that put pressure on them will be satisfied faster than normal customer. That’s sad but that’s reality.
I’m not that type of person and I respect Pimax for what they built. So I’m just trying to be polite and get some information. I just hope one day in the near future my Pimax is arriving at home.


It`s understandable as it is a very much anticipated product. It also carries quite a high price tag so I can see why some people are getting somehow twitchy. Presume some info by email will be great, saying:…such and such pre-orders will be delivered roughly between such and such date…etc…will put peoples mind to rest perhaps.


The pimax usa guy said they had enough units in the uk depo for remaining backers, replacements and pre orders… that was about two weeks ago!


I saw that for backers and replacements but i don’t think he said the same for pre orders (few days ago he said if you order now you will receive the 5k+ in 3 weeks + 5 working days in the worst case) i hope it’s true !


Yes I remember this affirmation on the MRTV interview from a week ago.
I really hope it’s still the case and I look forward to receive my 5K+ before the end of March.


If you referring to his post in this topic, thats not correct. He said that the shipping takes a max of 3 weeks + 5 working days until endpoint delivery, not that everybody is getting their unit until then.


You’re right my mistake but he said on mrtv channel one week ago if you order the 5K+ now you will receive headset in 3 weeks max so it’s finaly the same .


We will see if this is going to happen xD (X Doubt)


I think the bear minimum of getting 5k+ begins at 2 months of waiting.


Pre-order P112X here and have been following Pimax since the kickstarter. I’ve been trying to get feedback through both their support channel and email. No address verification or any other e-mail from them since my order confirmation. As with you guys, no replies, nothing, totally ignored. I’m >$1000 in, really starting to lose my patience in this company… !

For you other guys here, what’s listed under your “Payment Status”? Mine says “Authorized”, but I believe this should be “paid” ? @Dallas.Hao


Mine says paid and still shipment unfulfilled…


Yes, that’s what I want to see on my profile as well. It was withdrawn from my credit card a couple of days after I placed my order (Placed 27th Oct).


Update on P105x order: I’m on a shipping list, meaning about to be shipped so that’s why there’s no tracking number on my order yet (unfulfilled).

My unit was delayed because of a “bad” address which we confirmed last week.

Hope this means it’ll be sent from the UK this week… :flushed:


Who told you that? ^^


Dallas in a PM… :wink:


Also got an update from Dallas on PM. He, and a few others in the Pimax team are the ones keeping this ship afloat IMO… But they really need to improve their support. They will lose a lot of customers and create a bad rep for themselves if they continue like this!!


anything about 5k shipping ??


Nah… He udated my shipping address, at least something.