Whats up with the preorders?



Why did he ? What was wrong ? ^^ maybe I have to do the same


He was missing “Region”, but I could not find this field on my profile, so naturally it was left blank. I never use “Region” when ordering stuff anyway…


dont have that either ^^ did you contact him or did he pm you ?


I sent him a PM, asking generally what was up with my order. So he looked into it and replied with the request of an updated address… Nothing regarding my question of the payment status though, guess it’s ok then…

Edit: A little strange though… He sent me a snapshot of the address details, all the fields and everything, but on his form, Region field was there. @Dallas.Hao, why is this field missing on our profiles if it’s mandatory ?


great I asked him the same question and he told me to contact preorder@ …
of course they are not replying …
I dont understand this kind of customer service.


I would suppose it depends on the country. Where are you from ?


Norway, normally it’s not required. But if this is automated by the database, why ask for it…


because pimax…
one day they doing it this way, other day something else.
I really dont get how they even got this far in the process


Yeah, beyond me too. Hope they’re able to sort things out, would be a shame if they ruin everything at this point only due to bad organizing…



how can I PM dallas.hao (sorry newbie)


look him up in search or click on his name in this topic ^^


i did that but not seeing an option to message


Regarding :

PRE-717 Re: Order P122915 confirmed

Also very important i passed order Pimax 5K BE + full set from 5 Juanuary 2019, your support sent me mail the pre order will be ship on 21 Feb still today no answer from your support or shipment confirmation… . I sent several mails reminder nobody reply . I paid 1236 euros it is big money !!!

How it is possible ???

I need answer either you will ship my order or send me back my money.

Thanks for your feedback.


@PimaxUSA @Pimax-Support any kind of update in reguards to the pre orders and 5k, 5kBE status is all we are looking for here. Its okay if the news is not good news. No news is worse then bad news.


Hello, I am in the same case, i ordered a pimax 5k+. I’m from French. My order is P122xxx. No information from pimax. Please, is it possible to have some information, good news, or bad news. But we would like to know an estimation of delivry. Thanks very much.


info for swiss:
Calm yourself a little, patience pays.
Pre order of 6 december P122xxx : Pimax 5k+
Receipt sms dpd Monday, March 4th concerning my delivery.
Wednesday, March 6th pimax email that confirms my delivery.
My 5k + is blocking customs in France … miss the EDA of dpd uk.

for your information I send a mail end of February to know when I receive my package, I did not have an answer. Well on as many of you I did not have an answer.
Be patient and stop spitting in the soup for some.
I can not believe it will be delivered this week, it feels bad …
Thank you Pimax for this dream become (almost reality) :wink:


I completely do not understand how the order of the parcels is chosen … I ordered October 27 (P122X to Poland) and so far I have no information about the shipment, the status is still “Unfulfilled” - I am already tired of constant checking of messages and status :angry:


Preorder #1223xx, ordered beg of Dec 2018, delivered to Poland day after receiving confirmation of shipment! :call_me_hand:t2:

PS. I was asked to confirm my address on Feb 18.


You can see the order of orders is of no importance here … I like a lot of people here I got an email asking to correct the address which was ok, I had only two identical addresses so I deleted one. I feel totally lost and forgotten now. It will soon be five months waiting for the preorder …


Did I get to the end of the list and should I start to fear Brexit due to shipping to Poland?