Whats up with the preorders?



My God, something has started to happen! I received a notification from DPD "Your order has been dispatched”. Only from that I see in the address, they ate the last letter of the city base. There is Toru instead of Torun. Of course, in the address I corrected earlier that there would be no Polish characters. the city code is correct so there should not be any problems. Preorder P122X :blush:


I have already ordered on October 26th (P # 1238) and still do not know what happened to my order. Why were orders from December already delivered and mine not? It makes me very angry! Do I have to ask the oracle here so I finally get an answer???


I can’t wait till I can stop checking my email multiple times a day.


I know this feeling exactly.


Every time I see a DPD van now, my heart skips a beat. Even though I’m at work and the rational part of my brain knows it’s not coming here :joy:


LOL…I know the felling. What I do not understand however is why some people get a tracking number with appropriate notification and others don`t …parcel just turns up !


mine is still blocking Swiss customs with dpd … how much longer? Is there anyone who has had the same worries about because of missing export documents?


I also ordered October 26th (P120X) : I asked the Oracle and he told me that I was screwed (or at the very least ignored by support, @Dallas.Hao, and pre-order email).
So I opened an paypal dispute today to at least retrieve my money… I’m really shocked to be forced to come to these extremities, but Pimax disregard for its customers leaves me very little choice…


@Dallas.Hao @PimaxUSA the ammount of people
Refunding due to lack of communication is growing! You guys need to step up and answer these important questions and concerns! Also we need a system that works and provides updates. We all trusted the company with our money, that you now have and we have nothing!


My apartment complex emailed me saying they had a package for me(if a package gets delivered and I’m not home the office holds on to it). My heart dropped could it be the 5k. Could I be one of those people who got no email or any info and just had a 5k show up. Too my surprise it was not. My girl ended up ordering somthing.


Been noticing this too. They should just give weekly updates on everything like most developers do with games and things.


Definitely updates! They have plenty of money and resources to make this happen. Its very unprofessional to see this type of service! My hands feel tied.


HI , How long did it take between your address confirmation and your trackinginfo ?
already thanks for the info


My timeline:

  • Oct. 27: Ordered 5K+
  • Oct. 27 - Jan. 23: Browsing forum daily reading all the horror stories
  • Jan. 23: Notified by mail - “We will begin to ship Jan 25. Please verify address” - Couldn’t see any issues with my address but then again, had no idea what to “verify”
  • Feb. 18: Notified by mail - Instructions on how to verify address - missing phone number added and replied asking Pimax to verify.
  • Feb. 18: PM’ed Dallas (as I didn’t expect an answer on my mail)- asked to verify address
  • Feb. 19: Dallas replied with a question: You added phone number, right?
  • Feb. 19: I replied yes to Dallas asking if we were good now?
  • Feb. 26: Dallas asked about my region (wasn’t part of the original form and isn’t really used in DK)
  • Feb. 26: Told Dallas to use “Hovedstaden” as region which PostNord would be able to decipher :wink:
  • Feb. 27: Asked about status again. Is my address OK now and has the package been sent from UK?
  • Feb 28: Got reply - Address OK. Shipping being arranged. Order will be updated with shipping info.
  • March 2: Asked if they forgot to update the order with shipping info.
  • March 4: Got reply - Order is on shipment list. Didn’t ship yet.
  • March 6: Got mail from PreOrder@pimaxvr.com - Address confirmed (nothing else).
  • March 6+: Ctrl-F5 both in shop and in mail at least hourly.
  • March 11: Tracking ID received from DPD by mail.
  • March 13: Headset has arrived… :flushed:


Address confirmation on Feb 18, tracking info on March 5, delivered on March 6.


Lol my timeline:

Oct. 26: Ordered 5K+
Mar 8th: The end


Been reading all the horror stories as well would like to know what is going on been waiting since October 27 p141x some people that ordered in December and January already received there headsets.


My whole timeline is quite the same…I’m getting more and more hopeless and the hype is gone.
I see all these preorders getting their headsets even in my country with a later preorder number…so what can I expect?
Fake informations just to buy some time… or pretty promises never getting real.
I’m really disappointed and hopeless


I haven’t lost hope. I just find it really annoying.

Still looking forward to receiving it someday… :nerd_face:


What I really hope, and I have no doubt that @PimaxUSA and co are working very hard to achieve, is to have fully integrated logistics / tracking systems in place BEFORE the next round of sales opens up (eg accessories), so that this degree of chaotic delivery will never happen again for Pimax.

Maybe I am wrong of course, but it seems to me that right now that Pimax have little information and control about what the freight forwarders are up to, so they don’t know much more than we do about individual delivery status without contacting the relevant forwarder, and this won’t change until those systems are in place. And fixing this ‘asap’ means a few months, not days, and so not in time for pre-orders unfortunately…