Whats up with the preorders?



This here is what Ive been dealing with as i requested for a cancellation since last week Thursday. Now silence so I’ll be contacting my Bank Monday. They literally have no clue when ppl will get what they paid for regardless how you look at it $700+ for a product paid, that’s just unacceptable. They chose a flat shipping system I would have rather paid $100 stead 50 and know exactly when i am getting what i paid for. Now I want nothing to do with Pimax directly. All I wanted was a great HMD. Pre-ordered Jan 23rd

the last email i got from them by which i replied this “Shipped” method is not acceptable to please refund me and cancel my pre-order by today cause it’s taking the entire week with them stringing me along.

"Dear Customer,

All products for Pre-order orders will be shipped before the 25th March.
We’re trying our best to speed up the schedule to make the product come to you earlier.Pls wait patiently and appreciate for your kindness.

Many thanks for your support!

Yours sincerely,
Preorder | PimaxVR"

yep “Shipped before” x Date ok and no thank you.


If you write the support and no answer, you do not know if anything went wrong. and months pass and nothing is clarified. no serious company works like that. (P1238)


It only takes a single individual to give updates weekly. I truly dont understand it. There really is no excuses. Even if they have Thousands of issue to reapond too! I would think that reconizing the top talked about threds on forums all having the same issues would be priority!


You know what i think i’m going to stop watching this topic


Same Im starting to feel toxic! I hope everything works oit soon!


Hi! I’ve purchased Pimax 5K Plus VR Headset with Hand motion × 1 at October 27, 2018 and have some questions.

From what i read i guess the Hand motion x 1 i’ll have to wait for till it tested and ready. Is it correct that i will recive two controllers one on each hand, i remembered that i picked one with trackpad and one with stick. This will be shipped when its ready, could be a couple of months (4-6 month?)?

The other question is; i’ve got a confirmation email when i purchased the product with a number P13##. I’ve created an account with my purchased email and there i can see my order. Fulfillment Status: Unfulfilled. What does this mean? I have not recieved any other email from Pimax regarding my order. I’ve checked the last spreadsheet, does the ID number there correspond to my P13##? I guess not, on that row i can read that - that number have a 8K that been shippped…?


It is pointless to ask questions here, if they are answered incorrectly or mostly not at all.



Yes, i understand its close to pointless. But i’m quite certain that people here are alot more invested in the information we got from Pimax than i and could maybe know more info about the “Hand motion x 1” of the Pimax 5k+ that was available to buy October 27, 2018. And what the number in the spredsheet refers to. Also if they got Fulfillment Status: Unfulfilled and if they needed to take certain action because of that.


Hi, my order status also says unfulfilled. My understanding is it means not delivered to the customer, ie in Pimax’s slightly random queue - so no specific action needed


Just got a mail from DPD UK. P105X… :nerd_face:


I also just got a mail from dpd.

Date & Time: 11 Mar 2019 04:50
Location: Sender
_We’ve received your order details, and we’re expecting your parcel shortly.


So the packages location are at Pimax i guess and ready to be shipped first to UK. So… maybe within this month :slight_smile:


Pretty sure sender location is UK warehouse/freight forwarder. We’ll see soon… :wink:


This I think :+1:


I’m a pessimist. Hope to dive in soon though.


They stopped sending tracking info on the first route (Shanghai to warehouse) as people, understandably, got confused as info stopped as soon as it hit the warehouse/freight forwarder.

They’re now only providing tracking info when the headset is sent from warehouse/forwarder.


I’m really glad for you, it should arrive till the end of the week. :+1:t2:
I see a lot of people receiving info and tracking from DPD today and unfortunately that’s not my case :cry:
I’ll have to wait one more week or even more.
Maybe I’m cursed or something like that :joy:


WHAT !!!
I just received an email from DPD and the confirmation from Pimax.
I can’t believe it I’m so happy about this information!


Happy for You… :+1::wink:


The country is not mentionned in the mail I received from DPD. Only the street, city and region .
Is it the same for you all?


Yes, same for me :slight_smile: !