When can I get my preorder cancelled?



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I asked Pimax to refund my preorder on 18th January and 13th February cause I already bought used 5k+.

No reply at all.

$699 is not a little money and I need it back.

Your headsets are great but not the response to your customers.

If I can’t get immediate response, I will withdraw my payment directly through the card company.

My preorder number is P123241.


@Dallas.Hao @PimaxVR @Pimax-Support please take care of this.


Do @ marks call designated person?
I have never used forum like this so have no idea what that means.



right, the marked person get an Information like you should have one now. @TOOOOHKA


I see them on ebay now. Some of the headsets on sale have cracks already and it’s sold as new but verified to have been working properly. Some are new but unverified to be working or not.


I’m about to cancel my pre-order too because I’d just like to know if it was shipped (pre order 108X) and have tracking number but they don’t really answer the question yet it’s not really complicated and they save time, make your request from paypal. I’ll send them a message by paypal if I don’t have an answer. to cancel and wait for the next oculus headset this year


@Dallas.Hao @Pimax-Support

Since no one is replying, can I assume that no one is managing this forum and post very “aggressive” words toward President Xi?


When is the last day to cancel if you order with a credit card? anyone knows? I might cancel mine 2 weeks before that date to be safe.


I ordered 5k+ with my check card on 19th January. Then I asked pimax to cancel it after 9 days, 28th January.


check card? oh my. You should have used a credit card. I’m trying to find out when I should cancel before it’s too late.


If you used paypal 180 days.


Pimax policy at time of preorder said you can cancel anytime prior to shipment if I recall correctly. Some people said that when they went to cancel a preorder, they got a response back saying it was too late since it shipped but they never got a tracking number to verify shipment.


If that is the case then they should refund anyone that doesn’t have a tracking number. It’s not shipped unless tracking number says shipped, IMO.


I hear they are sending massive shipment to local distribution points now in different countries and may not have a tracking number for the bulk shipment to the distribution centers for individuals waiting. They may ship out the preorderes from that group but who really knows as it seems like folks are getting their HMD everyday as if they were shipped direct from China individually. Try to cancel and see what they say. Worse case, you can do a charge back on you CC if you don’t get a answer from them in due time about the cancellation or a tracking number. I just ordered a Odyssey Plus since its on sale for $300 now and can wait for my primax5K+. The US office should be open soon so hopefully I can get more direct answers from them if I run across any issues.


The Pre-order P123241 has cancelled.Your refund will back to you in 5-7 days.

Thank you and Have a good day!

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