When does it ship?



I pre-ordered back in October and I was wondering when my headset will ship. I opened a support ticket asking for an eta and after 10 days I have not seen a response. Now when I check the support page there is just an error message.

Anyone have any idea?


This is Pimax, the worst thing that can happen to you in reality, but in VR they are quite good, as some say.


:smile: We’ve been awaiting delivery since January 2018, some since Dec 2017…when we were first told ours would ship. We still can’t tell you when ours will ship.

Of course we’ve been told it will ship soon a dozen times. We’ve been told it’s built only to find out that means not built yet, we’ve been told it’s in the warehouse only to find that means it’s not in the warehouse yet, we’ve been told it’s shipped only to find that means not shipped. We’ve been told they definitely got our headsets shipped before Chinese New Years so they won’t be stuck in China for 2 weeks, to find they shipped them to a companies Chinese facilities which are closed down…because all of China is…this was why they were trying to ship before then…but shipped to China…closed, come again soon.
However the people who have said all along that they don’t want their headset shipped yet, they want to wait for controllers and lighthouses are all now receiving their headsets. So if you found out a way to speak with Pimax whilst they’re on holiday and told them you definitely don’t want your headset yet, they’ll probably express ship it to you today.
Welcome to pimax. Where if you just accept what they say is wrong, you’ll be much more prepared for what is about to happen.


Im in the same boat i ordered back in October. We wont know anything until they come back fron CNY


I also placed an order in October.
In the last week of January I emailed support. “When will my 5k + be delivered?”
There is no reply from them.
Are they checking mail?


Another early preorderer here. I have received some replies to emails mostly saying that preorder shipping will begin ‘soon’. I think there might be a 4 month deadline on paypal refunds so its getting into the last few weeks.


It actually 6 months unless that only for paypal credit. I have until april to get my refund.


Think you’re right, i’m confusing with 4 months for paypal credit.


The first pre-orders should leave china after the chinese new year. Saw a post where they said, that the first pre-orders are preparing to be shiped.


I’m having the same problem. I ordered March 13th (order # P124223) and after receiving the initial order confirmation email, I have received nothing. I’ve sent email requests to all of their support emails as well as creating a ticket… but not communication at all.

@mozi, @Heliosurge, can you please email me or private-message me with an update or a shipping ETA? I would greatly appreciate it.


Same issue here, contact support and nothing, wait for a while contact support again and nothing. When I go to the check your order page under delivery status it doesnt show anything. Not sure how they say 6-12 days for shipping.

After I purchased the headset I contacted them to ask about a spec on one of the newer headsets and they emailed back almost instantly. So must just be ignoring the “wheres my stuff” emails.

@mozi @Dallas.Hao I cant PM you the order number but is there a way I can see if y’all can check it since I’m not having much luck? Thank you!


Hi could you give me your order number? and by the way what is the support sup that you can’t get response.


I’ll PM you my number in the message you just sent me. As far as which support sup I just havent got any response at all so not even working with someone yet.


how is it now? received?


@DerekVVV Nothing new on my end, no updates,no notifications.


send me your order number pls. By private message.


@DerekVVV thank you, just sent you a pm!