When will pimax8k be available for purchase?


Hello. I missed the Kickstarter for pimax8k. I am wondering when will it be available for purchase on the website? Will it be after the Kickstarter is delivered or before then?

Can you give me a rough date like q2, q3 or q4?

Thank you.


I don’t know as to when. But it will be sometime after Kickstarter release. Guess wise maybe by Xmas if no further delays.

@xunshu & @matthew.xu may have some kind of update on projected timeline for consumer release.

Any Pimax 8k availability news?

That would suck if it was buy Christmas. I was assuming it would be up for purchase right after the Kickstarter release. Man I really wish I would have bought it. Maybe someone on Craigslist will sell it, or ebay.


It maybe sooner as this is just a guess on projected full release to allow for backer feedback prior to full consumer release.