Whens my PIMAX 8K going to arrive?



I put in a pre-order for the 8K on 8th Jan, it said it will definitely ship by 18th Feb.

how long does it take to ship to Sydney, australia from Shanghai

Is this going to be realistic?



Dont expect anything in reality this is vertual reality and the normal rules that apply don’t exist.


so the 18th Feb is virtual time? not real time?


Most likely with this outfit. Its what you expect in reality but end up with virtually nothing as expected.


I preordered back in october and got into the first batch. They havent shipped a single preorderer. They’re bunvh of liars.


well to be fair , they didnt really start production till nov 18, and ramp up they are now fulfilling orders.

I looked at the progress .xls, and 8K is now the main thing they are building, they didnt start building 8K’s till late January, when most the build was 5K+


Yes i preordered the 5k and told me it will ship February 1. Then nothing after that


Can the government give us a reply, when on earth the 8K pre-ordered goods are delivered, and many mails are not returned, and the Chinese New Year is over, at least let us know about it???


I just think they are too busy with production quantity, Quality control and logistics issues…

while i missed out on the kickstarter, unfortunately came in too late, i feel for the bros and womens who put in their money and was expecting the item much sooner, but i was waiting too … as i wanted to preorder…

i know they cant answer every request, i think a lot of it is spam and shitty noob enquriries by people who wont buy but just tire kicking or asking for discounts…tight wads you know…

but im hopeful they keep up the 8K production ramp up to many more units after CNY…and i can get my pimax 8K before easter… that would be rad.


I paid for my 8k in october 2017 and I’m still waiting for it, don’t expect yours before June …


Stop making excuses for them :rage: they have had too many :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


No way you are joking, if you order in 2017 and you still not recevie it what about me my order was in octobar 2018 may be i will recevie it in 2020 :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


Check official status:

Check “building” tab:

Backer #90 is still in building status!!


Pimax aren’t shipping retail/preorders until all Kickstarter headsets are delivered. Which hasn’t happened yet. So expect it to be delayed a bit. They just came off a week-long Chinese holiday, hopefully things will ramp back up quickly.


Well Kevin from the Pimax confirmed today that the latest U.K. batch has some units reserved for the Pre-order Brothers.


brothers the frustration must be intense…

im sure they will come good on this… as they are now producing…look at it this way mate… you may have to wait a bit longer (ie. since production began - and now R&D phase) but you will get better quality units due to QC improvements… imho - worth it bruh…

most of the wait was due to R&D, they were foolish in underestimating this time… then again, its kickstarter bro, if they say wait 2yrs no one would buy in… so its been a big circle jerk…but hopefully they come out the other side soon and not too much fudge packing left to go before they are put on the ship…


Not true i was told my preorder shipped but again this is pimax support. I preordered the 5k plus.


you reckon they are just fudge packing in the warehouse instead of shipping goods?


Based on everyones experience so far … probably?