Where around the world are the backers from?


I’m a little bit curious if there are any official statistics of which countries the backers are from?
Sweden here.


Yeah, well, i am from Romania! XD

Backed just the 8k headset as i already have the HTC Vive accesories. I can’t wait to get rid of this already old headset, i’m sick already of the low FOV and SDE, SDE kills the immersion totally for me plus its not that sharp at all.


I’m from the good old USA


I am from Canada. I can’t find it now but think there was a breakdown of countries of backers.

1 full 8k
1 full 5k
1 Hand tracker


In any case it’s obvious it’s a global interest for this product. Hopefully it will just getting bigger and bigger. :slight_smile:


It’s on the Pimax Kickstarter page under the “Community tab” … notice that not all countries like China is listed. As I understand, Pimax didn’t use Kickstarter in China. I wonder how many TOTAL units Pimax sold when calculating all their crowdfunding sources not just Kickstarter.



But not sure it is accurate as it has been unchanged for a long time


Woohoo, 31 swedes in the Kickstarter. Wonder how spread out we are?


Assuming these are representative of the final numbers … that’s more than twice as many Swedes per capita than the UK or the US! Nice!

(Brit here, FWIW)


We like our tech over here, plus we are quite reclusive IRL (if beer is not involved ;)) so VR is perfect for us nordics.


And I presume alot of Ikea furniture. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


France, and I would like to know why there are so much more backers from UK.


Im still waiting for the IKEA flatpack VR called Verklighet. They should have made their own Cardboard


Haha okay, they may be on the way to do that



Awesome! Hope its a freebie. Lol


Post-Brexit we’ll need VR to be able to go on an affordable virtual “holiday” :wink:


Those numbers are far from accurate apparently they never updated the figures. I was curious also. Totals 1279. If you subtract the city numbers from the country numbers that would even be less. So I wonder if Pimax will provide an update later.


Some backers are from Putin’s Russia. :slight_smile:


If backers hasn’t put any location info into their profile they are not counted. That is why it isn’t adding up.


Thank you XabbuSwe that makes sense to me now.:vulcan: