Where around the world are the backers from?


I did this about 5 times, but every time the location info was reset to an empty field after the next logon.
Upd: Geez, now it works :slight_smile:


Did you choose any of the options in the “drop-down”? The field doesn’t support free input so you need to do that for it to save.


Yup, I used the search form and choose one of suggested answer… anyway, it works for me now… hope on permanent effect. :slight_smile:


Let’s hope for it. Else you may have to ask Putin about riding a bear into Kickstarters office :wink:


Sverige! :grinning: Kul att se att vi är 31 från sverige det är mer än vad jag hade trott​:slightly_smiling_face:



1 full 8k from Slovenia


Från Luleå jag! :slightly_smiling_face: Yes 31 is more than I expected


Berlin, Germany … hope i’m not the only one. we were ~94 from Germany.


Trollhättan för mig, så lite spriding då:)
For the others, sorry for the swedish.


Putin knows nothing about Kickstarter. He knows nothing about Internet, he’s confident that Apple is the Satan’s office and Google secretly abducts russians as a biomaterial for it’s experiments. :slight_smile:


Sounds like a awesome future VR game


I am going to bet I’m one of the only few people from Singapore that backed this.


I’m from USA and I backed:
1 8K Full Package
2 8K Standalone Headsets


I am from Spain and I backed:
1 8KX Full Package
2 8k standalone Headset


I hope my collegue is one of them. What I have seen from Singapore it seems to be a lovely place


Hawaii, USA.

I backed for an 8K standalone HMD.


I will spread pimax-vr religions in Poland :slight_smile:
8k backer , Vive owner.


From China . :slightly_smiling_face:

As the team said, there will be no fund on homeland very soon before kickstart’s backers receive their 8k&5k


I am from Spain and I backed:
1 8K Full Package.


No you are not the only one from Germany :grinning:
But to be frank it was quite a horror trip for me to back this project.
As a German we usually don’t have Credit Cards so i needed to get me a credit card first.
Ordered one at my bank, i knew it could take up to 2 weeks before it arrives but this was one month ago and still haven’t received it till today…:smiling_imp:

So 2 weeks ago i deceided to go for a backup plan and signed up for a online Prepaid CC. Little did i know that i need to go through an extra PostID process for this. Time was ticking and almost all headsets were being sold before i could use the CC but just before the headsets were sold out the first time i had my CC finally ready to go for the pledge.

Pimax my nerves went through hell to support you i was literally sweating blood the last days because my CC was not working so please, please don’t disappoint us and deliver:wink: