Where around the world are the backers from?


Brazil here, at least one!
8K full


So it did work our in the end?


Yes it did, so to say in the last minute :slight_smile: I am happy!
Went for the first 8k pledge but upgraded my pledge for 8K Full after finally enough money was on my CC.


I believe you can pledge even if your card has issues, you will get 1-2 weeks grace period to sort out the issues. According to https://www.backerkit.com/blog/dealing-with-failed-payments/

BackerKit’s Success team recommends that project creators send out their surveys
two weeks after their campaign has ended. Thomas Sleeth, BackerKit
success representative, call this the ‘sweet spot’. “On
Kickstarter, people will often have failed payments,” he says. “They’ll
need to update their card, they might have a fraud warning, they might
have changed banks.” It takes about two weeks for Kickstarter to collect
funds and disburse them. That’s when you’ll know which backers have and
haven’t paid.

Any backer who doesn’t upload payment within this timeframe is marked as ‘failed’
and their pledge is recorded at $0. BackerKit then sends these backers a
survey, which gives them an opportunity to honor their pledge to your
campaign. If you send the survey close to the campaign end date, the
project will still be fresh in the backer’s mind and they will be more
likely to rejoin, especially because BackerKit can keep the survey open
for as long as the backer needs to get their payment squared away.

Pimax talks about sending a survey, and I’m guessing they are using backerkit to do that.


Poland here!!! :tada:


New Zealand/Middle Earth here


Not alone bro! :facepunch: Another one from Brazil here


From Indonesia here…
Am I the only one? Come on!


You can send out surveys without BackerKit
But even if they don’t use BackerKit you will have 7 days to solve payment issues.


Almost 100 of us from Japan back this project, 44 from Tokyo, which is where I am.


I and my 2 friends from Thailand.


Hey @bubbleball do you know if any shops in Pantip Plaza sell race sim gear. Fanatec wheels etc?

I lived in Thailand for 3 years. Going back for a holiday next month!


I have doubt from your username bkk, lol.
I don’t go there too much because I am in other province right now, but I think finding item on the website is better for find.


Hahaha. Yes I lived there when I made my user name

I was trying to buy a Fanatec Clubsport wheel but they dont ship to New Zealand

ยินดีด้วยครับกับเทคโนโลยีใหม่ แต่คงต้องรออีกสองเดือน โชคดีครับ


Try to check here.


Indonesian here checking in, I jump straight from DK2 era right into Pimax8k era, based on so much review lately, i believe my brain will blow inside pimax 8k, cannot wait man.


I’m from Italy.
8k backer and 4k owner


You’ve got me here in East-Frisia. German enough I would assume. :stuck_out_tongue:


I didn’t know that we germans usually don’t have credit cards. but that sounds like some tour de force to back Pimax! glad you succeeded! :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:


Another vote for Germany here (Münster area)… owner of a Rift & Vive, backed the 8K X & 8K & set of LH boxes and controllers.
(all as add-ons to the 8K X standalone pledge - I wonder if that means I have to wait for the complete package of 8K & boxes and controllers before they ship - which would be a bit unfortunate because I have the Vive LH boxes and controllers here and want to get my hands on the 8K as soon as possible…)