Where around the world are the backers from?


Amother Swiss backer here, 8k (Frauenfeld) :slight_smile:


UK, Manchester
8KX Early bird


I am from the country who has invented this HMD concept in 2013 (InfinitEye) which is called today STARVR : https://www.roadtovr.com/infiniteeye-worlds-first-ever-hands-210-fov-hmd-video/


France too here, more precisely Toulouse.


StarVR… The company who claimed wide FOV VR was impossible for consumers? Only Imax could afford it… No consumer PC can run it…

What a big lie that turned out to be :slight_smile:


Without a scaler, certainly…
STARVR is raw power, not turbocharged by a scaler :wink:


Keep in mind the 5k is like starvr 2xqhd native. :beers::yum::+1::sparkles:


Leeds, here. Outnumbering Southerners 2:1 so far :wink:


French to.

From Paris.


Perhaps, but they plan to do 2x4k for the final version.


You mean StarVR? Lol probably didn’t like PiMax leap frogging them with a consumer product. :beers::smirk::+1::sparkles:


Tasmania, Australia. 8k early bird full package.


UAE (basically dubai)


I am from Norway. I own a 4k and can’t wait to get the full 8k.


I am 3 of the 11 backers for NY

I backed:
1 8K Full Package
2 First 8K Ever


from Tokyo, Japan.
97 from Japan? I think It’s too few.
I’m curious about accurate numbers.


1Full8k from Mallorca


You’re not the only one - i’m from Jena, right in the center of germany


Russia… but I want to leave the icy mordor


Poland here, Warsaw to be exact.
Waiting for 5k early bird & 1 base station. Hope it will work fine in AC :slight_smile: