Where around the world are the backers from?


Doesn’t the Kickstarter tell you stats such as geography?


(and I guess we do have credit cards - at least when it counts :wink: )


World? Earthlings and their assumptions…
I was born in a starport somewhere in LHS 3447. Raised among traders, bounty hunters, miners and show-offs…

Ok, I’m from Ikea country too.


French, living in China


Wow, are you in Wuhan?


No, I’m living in Tianjin :wink:


I am from Taiwan and i had some friends also Backed the 8k standalone Headset.


Does the middle of Blighty count as neutral then :wink:


It’s great to know I’m not the only one from Taiwan. Lol.


Yes, I missed that before made this post. Don’t think the numbers are so accurate though


New Jersey 8k backer here


It is accurate, but it doesn’t include those who haven’t put any location on their Kickstarter profile.


Full 8K from Alberta, Canada. I am so friggin excited for the release!


You know the Watford Gap rule. Welcome to #teamnorth :smile:


Same here! VR with a Pimax 8k will be a great way to spend an Alberta winter!


I am the only VR (Pimax 4K & 8K) pioneer from Nicaragua !!! :sunglasses:


I’m a Pimax 8K backer from Barcelona, Catalonia/Spain.


Apparently, you can study geography here, there are supporters of 8K from all over the world, it’s nice.
I’m from the Russian Federation, Putin, vodka and bears, and now the 8K Pimax is with us :ok_hand::bear::+1::sparkles:


How do you plan to ‘solve’ your shipping TAX?


I love Barca , lived 2 years there