Where around the world are the backers from?


We have a duty-free limit of 1000 euros per month for today. Therefore, with 8K problems should not be in this regard.


New York, just outside of Buffalo!!


Well I’m from North Staffs so will get me flat cap,it can get cold up North so don’t wanna take the whippet for a walk around Ilkla Moor Baht 'at",Go Team North…yay


Cześć Jata
z jakiego miasta Jesteś?


Hi Jata
I’m from Torun and you?


I’m from Torun and you?


I’m from HR 8444 :slight_smile:
(RL - from Tychy )


Colorado, USA. Early bird 8K HMD only.


Near Vienna, Austria here.

4k modder and backer of 8kX, 8k full, 8k and some more.

I like to stay inside and play games at wintertime :grin:


Netherlands. Early bird 8K HMD only.
The Kickstarter statistics are not correct, the last few weeks never got updated.


in a live stream Nathie said he didnt get offered a Pimax for free, so he is not getting it.
This tells me he is a cheap ass f$%er.


To be honest I’m kind of jealous at times of those Youtube personalities like Nathie and others that get all the free games they want to review and even free headsets depending on their subscriber base. Providing videos and being a talking head requires a certain talent and a fair amount of work though and in some cases a lot of work, sometimes I wish I had my own successful Youtube channel but I lack the talent and have no desire to provide strangers a window on my life and listen to their complaints and idiotic request. Unfortunately I like most others will have to spend my hard earned cash without recompense. First world problem I know.:sob: This hobby already, Vive and Rift and now Pimax and all the new VR content, none of which I can write off.:fearful: Oh and yeah I’m in U.S. midwestern Pimax 8k and 8kX backer.


I’m in Georgia, USA. I’ve ordered an 8K and 1 lighthouse, specifically to play Elite: Dangerous.


From Mexico, and from what I see, I am the only one from my country who sponsored an 8K VR. I will use the equipment for its application in the field of Clinical Psychology in psychotherapy sessions. I have been working with this technology for 1 year with my patients and this technology is surprising as an accompaniment tool. I imagine that 8K (4K dual) + 200 ° fov will achieve even better results in this area.


I have heard of great results in treating a lot of different phobias, but could you share any other examples in what it is used for? It sounds really interesting to me.


Of course, I have implemented it not only in the treatment of phobias but also in the training of emotional intelligence, the development of awareness, in the teaching of progressive relaxation, in the increase of existential stimulation (also known as Shakespeare’s virtual tank), in the reprogramming of beliefs, emotional closings (duels, forgiveness) and also as a resource to relax patients during interviews. It is truly amazing the potential that VR has in this field.


Thank you for the answer. Seems like there is a lot use for it in the psychological field as a (excuse my poor terminology) therapeutic environmental tool but also as an active tool itself.


Germany, Hannover, pimax 8kX



that Ikea thing has been out since before I got my vive pre-order a year and a half ago.

Norway BTW.


A few Elite dangerous players have had to ease themselves into vr due to fear of heights.
Some so bad they actually added seatbelts to their chair when playing to help them feel secured, and this has helped them both in game and for when they are exposed to real world situations that before VR their phobias intereferred.

Things like that makes VR worth it imo.