Where around the world are the backers from?


Yeah I realized that after I wrote it. Didn’t know about it earlier.

I have bad vertigo, so I will have a “fun” time. Richie’s Plank Experience will be the perfect training tool for me


I am from Slovakia (Slovak Republic, EU). Full Pimax 8k set. In my collection is :Emagin Z800, DK1 backer, DK2, CV1, Pimax 4K

Hope 8K come in 2018 :slight_smile: Waiting is hard. But sometimes waiting is nicer to the product self… we will see.


Canada. From Montreal.


Nathie’s a dickhead. All his subs are vive and Rift users so he’s not interested


Moin Moin!

Another very happy guy from Germany here! :wink: