Where can I get the 1.1.92 version?


Hello, I have a bug with either 1.2.* or 2.* piplay and Il2 BoS. I post about it has been pushed to devs but meanwhile I still have slight black zones in tge displays ith this game.
I wonder if the problem will be there with the 1.1.92 but I did not find a link to them in the forum. Release thread mention this version but without links,.
Can someone here post a valid link ?

EDIT : I finally find a 1.1.92 and I did not have anymore the black zone in IL2BOS. Looks like the image quality is better…But resolution given to steamVR is not good: 1440x2560 instead of 1280x1400. So the IL2BOs image is distorded…I will check with next version what change has been given.