Where can you apply to be a Beta Tester for Eye Tracking?



Hi Pimax,

Did work with a FOVE 0 HMD and its build-in eye tracking in Unity before.
Looking forward to implement some new UI paradigms on the Pimax
combining eye tracking with hand tracking and voice recognition.

So I would like to apply as a beta tester for the eye tracking add-on.
What is the procedure for applying?



Thank you for your attention.

We are still discussing the application plan and I think it will be confirmed this month. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,


Why do I get the feeling Matthew is actually Xunshu in disguise?


Why do you have the feeling?


Well she disappeared around when you started showing up I think and you’re being so nice and formal. Haha, nevermind, I’m just being silly


Maybe he did something to Xunshu??? :anguished:

Oh and his last name, Xu…nshu?
Mystery solved.


We must go deeper.

Xu…nshu -> nshu is an anagram for ‘shun’ which means Xunshu was meant to be shunned all along from the very beginning of the creation of the Pimax company.