Where is my pimax?


first make sure your HMD and piplay are global version, no error in installtion, then

  1. 1060+ nvdia graphics card update driver for 364.51+ version, other nvidia graphica cards update driver to 362.00+
  2. block your integrated graphics if have, SLI dual-graphics card and adapter converter are not available now

If u can’t solve the problem yet, plz:

1,Contact our Skype:

2, Plz install Teamviewer and send your ID to us by skype. We will solve ur problem as soon as possible.

Also u can contact our E-mail: [support@pimaxvr.com]
Thank you so much!


When will you support myopia adjustment function?
Some people(who don’t wear glasses) report central blur issue.
There are only IPD adjust menu.


I’m waiting for manual adjustment myopia :slight_smile:


English hmd, english piplay Version, no errors in Installation and still got this “wheres my pimax”. Message and it does not work. This is horrible Softeare. Di you think thats good for your reputation? Direct mode only possible in windows10! Whats that? Please give better support and Drivers AS soon AS possible. At this time your device is not Working for many customers. Dissapointet customers are not the besteht for marketing. How shall We do a unboxing Video ? I can say only it looks nice but you wont get it to work. You got a nice looking Brick of plastic, electronics and lenses. Please excuse my sarcasm, but how the hell you can sell this and then go to holidays. Who cares for customers, we got the money, We are fine.
Have a nice day, Thomas


Hello, Tomkin.

Plz contact our Skype:

And plz download Teamview and send the ID to us by skype. We will solve this problem for u as soon as possible.

Thank you so much!


A one hour session in TeamView with no result. You told me that it is my Windows 10! But, all other programms, games are running well, not a problem with anything. Only PimaxVR and Piplay wont work.
After all you promnised to send me new firmware with instructions, Im still waiting.
Its dissapointing!
Plese send firmware and instructions ASAP !


Mounted another HDD and installed a fresh windows 8.1. After all updates and fresh Nvidia Drivers
i installed Piplay.

Guess what? Right, nothing works!

Switched back to the old hdd with win10, done nothing more.

surprise…now the Pimaxvr is recognized as a third Display with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 native.

What the heck…

I was promised in the TeamView Session that i will get a new firmware and instructions how to flash.

I’m still waiting.