Where is the updated Backer Details Sheet? HMDs send to random Backernumbers?



I was very patient for 2 years. Also when the apology arrived and that we will get a spreadsheet with details. This sheet arrived 07.01.19 and to say it nice, it was a completely mess. I was able to fill out the survey 5 times because surveymonkey got apeshit or something like that and the sheet said I had given no information, which is bullcrap. So where is the updated spreadsheet?

I am in the 3xxx number and now I see backers above 4xxx and 7xxx get their hmds or emails with tracking numbers? What the actual heck is going on? There is no feedback whatsoever. To put it mildly I am a bit angry right now.


Relax your headset will come in due time. Im also here waiting as well but im not flipping tables over yet. If my preorder gets delayed well…


Good for you. I am flipping tables right now.
I had the correct details from start. I only got one survey. The fckec up spreadsheet shows me at SH warehouse on jan 18th meaning not before february - probably later because of chinese new year.
Now I see backers living close to me get them in the 4ks, 5ks and even 7k backer numbers (last ones).
I make a ticket about this and it gets closed as resolved totally uncommented.
I am backer #1913 and I am raging.


the guy is angry and has the right to be.
No matter if headset is around the corner or still in China, we can’t even get proper info or tracking number.
Pimax is not new, they already sell 4k model for a couple of years now and i can’t believe the mess we are in.
What is really annoying is the fact that we ask for the updated spreadsheet and we don’t even get an answer or explanation, we just got yesterday “will be uploaded as soon as possible”…Unacceptable!!!


It not like we can punch through internet connection. All this anger will get you no where. goosfraba :slight_smile:


Anger has to get out, writing /screaming/ complaining.
Never keep anger in :slight_smile:


The anger has been building up this whole 2 years. At some point you have to let the steam out. For me this was today.


There gotta be an underground fight club somwhere right :smile:


We got some few in London :wink: :call_me_hand:t4:


For me it’s not anger it’s frustration because I still have no idea when I will receive my headset . It could turn up today unannounced or 2 months from now.


I am at home with stomach flu. I got a fever and am miserable. This is just the icing on the top. Now dallas closed my ticked uncommented so the anger needed to vent. :stuck_out_tongue:


I understand your anger. If i was skipped i would be pissed and would want answers now.


i am glad you did mate , it helps others see that they have normal reactions.
Very often people on the forum gets slapped for expressing themselves.
Sometimes its just too much

Another option :joy:


Ha ha I don’t smoke but Ouzo does the job :sunglasses:


Lolled a bit :sweat_smile: 2020


Good news it’s only been a little over a year! Please relax.


But ive only got another 20ish to live :open_mouth: thats 5% of the rest of my life spent waiting for somone to get it quicker than me ,

and there most likely teenagers who have 300% longer to live and have waited only 1% of there’s

this s*its making me gray


I am not screaming about it but I’m pretty annoyed at this point. I’ll give them credit for what they have pulled off but I likely would not buy from Pimax again in the future. I’ll take my chances getting screwed over by Valve or Facebook come the next generation.



Hi, are there more backers that have replied via the survey (of 4th of January) and still have the status “Need backer to reply on the survey”?