Where is the updated Backer Details Sheet? HMDs send to random Backernumbers?



Yup. Replied the survey dec 5 and jan 4. Backer 32**. Sweden. “Need backer to reply” on the apeshit sheet. What’s going on?

@Matthew.Xu @Dallas.Hao @Pimax-Support


Old spreadsheet. No new one completed yet.

Those who have reposted old spreadsheets label them please.


Well I for also have filled in the survey for the third time. Do note that I have filled it in on different computers. But well I hope this time it works otherwise it would be nice if people who filled it in correctly would tell me what I do wrong.


Yep. Backer 16xx here. Not sure what the status is. Latest I heard yesterday after is the same message I’ve received. They can’t send because my info isn’t confirmed. I get no other response or explanation.


I just joined the forum to check all this info.

I think the biggest problem will be for the people not on the forum and not up to speed with this backer detail sheet…


@Happy Hi Happy, you should stick around for awhile. Your presence is much appreciated. :+1:


backer 23xx here. So you are not the only one OP. We can only wait…


Pimax has really increased production and shipping lately so we are talking about some extra weeks of wait rather than months.

Problem is for people who wanted to change their pledge and think they did so, Pimax will have to send individual mails to them or they will lose money and time with replacing hundreds of HMD.


Thanks. I did read everything I could upto this point so I knew this already. I just wonder how a survey system like that can go haywire…


Lots if replied the survey,we are collecting these information and update latter


Ah there you are. Did Facebook buy you out or something?


We will update the spread sheet today


oOOOOhhhh nice thank you :slight_smile:
Will go try sleep a bit :wink:


Sorry for the inconvenient.

We will update spread sheet today


Excellent news. Thank you @Dallas.Hao.


Where does the spreadsheet get posted?


On the forum :laughing::wink:
20 20 20


:grin: This is the most scattered and unorganized forum I’ve every been a part of! I can spend hours wandering around trying to find anything.


Well it is a Pimax forum lol


Come to Canada and we will roll it for you.