Where is the updated Backer Details Sheet? HMDs send to random Backernumbers?



But seriously, where is it posted?




Pretty sure that’s the old, inaccurate sheet


sorry you mean there is a new one? i though they will just update this one today.


I take that as an invitation :grin::jamaica:


Everyone is getting really upset about this backer sheet, but I don’t see a link to it anywhere on the forum. Where is everybody going and looking? I just checked the one linked above, looks…reasonably up to date (?) but now maybe it’s the old one? What the heck is going on? On this sheet it says mine should be shipped to SH by 1/7. What or where is SH? Shanghai? Is that the name of the shipper? Some kind of idea would help.


it’s not a forum…it’s a maze :crazy_face:


Old sheet. With bad data from survey. New one not posted yet. Survey system failed.


So, is there any indication where we should be looking once the corrected sheet has been uploaded?


But if now the new spreadsheet says that the HMDs arrives at the 24th or similar in SH, then it is somehow no “wrong” data :smiley:


I am really curious what the new spreadsheet will say…


Maybe new chaos is comming…
I hope they will manage it well…


Nah, he‘s counting back to CES 2017 when they first showed off the 8K… :wink:

On that account, I have been waiting since seven freakin‘ years, since Oculus announced its Kickstarter !!!

Pimax, you have ruined my life !!! :joy:


lingerie department is on the mens floor


Anytime. We Canadians are world famous for our friendliness. I’ll kill anyone who says otherwise, hehe


but they are always drunken :wink:


Only when we go to countries with stronger beer. In the USA we can’t even get a glow.


I am currently so busy with work and life, that I acutally don’t care much when my HMD arrives because I simply won’t have time to even connect it to my PC. :confused:


Ok but why are you reading this forum ???


Amusement maybe. Lol soap operas have less drama. :beers::joy::+1::sparkles: