Where to buy an BE edition with 1440p oled?


I am interested in the BE edition of the 4k. Used or new.


You can buy from The PIMAX Website.


Please post the link to the Business Edition.
I can not find it in the shop. I find the 4k, 4k + nolo and 4k without headphones…


Hi @mr.uu, sorry for your inconvenience, the BE edition of the 4K is only open to industry version customers and the retail version is not available.Please be advised.


I have a Pimax 4K BE that has only been used for a couple of hours. Search my posts on these forums where I talk about it previously. It has just been sitting in its box unused for months. I am finally about to put it up on eBay along with an unopened Nolo VR. Contact me if you are interested.