Where to download old software?


I just installed the newest version on a fresh install of windows and everything was messed up, everything got laggy, windows taking ages to open, visual glitches, had to reinstall the display driver.

The software from Pimax is terrible.

Where are the older version? the ones that actually worked.


If your on Nvidia install previous driver aa some users have reported issues with that.

If not post your system specs.

With Windows being glitchy it sounds like you may have other issues going on.

I am currently running Piplay v2.0.5.46 (haven’t gotten around to installing latest) & seems to work fine.

My specs
Windows 10 pro uptodate
I5-6500 16gigs Ram
R9 390. driver ver 17.12.1

No issues

The first post here has a few versions links for download. If the version your looking for not listed post tge version you are looking for.


Problem was more serious, issue came back so did a reset, didn’t lose much as it was a fresh install anyway.

Not sure If I’ll even bother with this again, if so I’ll be sure to do a backup in advance.

Never buying anything from this shoddy company, the software is so unprofessional, it’s more like a hack job.


If your having a problem with the softwsre @Pimax-Support can setup a teamviewer session & help you get it working.

There are many of us that have had no real major issue with tge software.

Yes sometimes there have been issues once in awhile that were caused by a video card driver or windows update that caused issues. But revolved either with rolling an update back or with the next piplay release or gpu update. The windows update that had caused an issue was the Creater’s update that broke alot of programs at first launch.

A full reset of your pc was not required to remove/uninstall piplay. You could have used the uninstaller (best to also use something like 3rd party uninstaller). Or a restore point. I suspect you have a conflict occuring.

One user strangely enough discovered his old Razer keyboard had gone wonky & was causing the issue he was having with the headset. That was recently.


Hi @Shocky, as per the situation that you have met, you may contact our mailbox: support@pimaxvr.com
We are willing to help you. Have a nice day!:slight_smile: