Where would you like/want a backer meetup to be held in?


So we heard in the latest update that they’re going to be doing backer meetups. We should be getting lots of information on the m2 in August! As a backer, where do you want a backer meetup?

Personally, I’d choose a big city in Florida. Maybe Jacksonville or Orlando. There’s lots of people in Florida. It’s worth mentioning I live in Florida, so my opinion is biased. As far as I know, there hasn’t been one in Florida, so it could be a good idea.


somewhere in the state of Canada sounds good to me.


@xunshu, can you please come to Romania aswell?


Come to the Silicone Slopes, Pimax! (SLC, Utah)


My vote would be Detroit/Windsor/Toronto area as it has the potential of being available for BOTH US and Canadian backers.

Just my 2 cents…


Somewhere on the southern east coast. We never get to play :frowning:


I am not hope for Bangkok Thailand, lol.


The state of Lancashire please!


Love the title of this thread… Cause there are no other backers in any other countries other than the US.


Even if Pimax came to Atlanta, GA, I’d probably skip the event. While it would be fantastic to preview the headset, I think it would make the wait just that much more frustrating.


To be fair, countries are also referred to as States - not just the individual prefectures within them…


Preferably some “states” outside US as well :wink:


Never heard New Zealand called a state before!


If something is close enough, I will join the meetup :slight_smile:


I had a nice anonymous poll to tally votes but it appears to be deleted. :roll_eyes:


Well this post was meant to be for US backers. Although you can post where you’d like to see one if it’s in another country anyway xD. I changed the title.


No point… Only tourists come to Nz.

Would be keen on watching the stream if they do one though


Florida has the 4th largest population in the US. I think it’d be a good idea.


I’m lucky that I am Bay Area based. It’s a shoo-in that there will be some kind of backer/demo thing there…


I think it would be nice to host it in Chicago. It’s in the middle of the US. lets people that are willing to travel not have to spend as much.