Where would you like/want a backer meetup to be held in?


They can send me an M2 and I’ll host a preview all week in my location. :grin:


I would love for it to be in portland or vancouver, as that’s near to me, but usually the only city people visit for events is seattle, washington, which is pretty close to china in retrospect, so maybe as a on-the-way across america type meetup? I’m not sure where the most backers live per-state wise, though.


GameCom i hope they come to.


Paris ! (and not before 23th august, I am on vacation ^^)


London England please.


PARIS please :slight_smile:


Portugal . Lisbon? :rofl:


For mainland Europe… Brussels or Amsterdam please or maybe Paris


Another vote for London, UK - not sure how many backers there are here, but must be a decent concentration within an easyish travel distance.


I think this is a perfect moment to remind everyone of this thread : Will the 8K be shown at Gamescom? :stuck_out_tongue:

Would be fantastic to have the pimax at, or at least, in the vicinity of, Gamescom :slight_smile:


One in the UK would be good. But I’m also happy to have a little holiday if it’s only a short flight away.


Gotta toss in my vote for Seattle Wash area, maybe on the Eastside…home to mucho tech folk and I am betting several backers in the area.


I guess for Europe, Paris is as good as it gets as it is the largest (continental) airport hub. The same probably goes for Amsterdam, but not Brussels ;-).


Somewhere in Germany.


I would also vote for London UK. I don’t live there, but it is close enough for me to get there relatively easily.


pretty sure pimax wont be coming to ireland. Quietly wonders if i am only irish backer. XD we have something resembling a comics/ games expo on 11th though so you never know. XD


I’m 20 minutes from New York city :grin:


24 - 25 - 26 OCTOBER 2018

Just like last year :slight_smile:



London UK please __________ :slight_smile:


Dublin is good for me in W Wales