Where would you like/want a backer meetup to be held in?


i think they would go to london if anywhere. as long as they give date enough in advance cheap ryanair flights wont be an issue for me.i would spend 50-60 to have an early gawk at it, dont think i would go much higher given i will be getting one whether i try it or not. XD


In all honesty I would be happy to see a review or two on youtube


Come to sophia antipolis in French Riviera.
It is the european sillicon valley, lots of IT companies and international Nice Airport at 15min.


I don’t see the point in this thread, everyone is asking for a location near their home town or country (which make sense).
Pimax should decide on a location, and I can think of only two:
Europe and USA (I do not leave in any of them so I’m not biased).
Regarding specific location, maybe try to count the number of backers by country and find a location near the most backers area/country.

I’m pretty sure that whatever Pimax will do there will be many that will feel left out. In my opinion it is a waste of time.


YEP quite a few backers in uk so london would be good


yeah i would say 4-5 major metropolitan areas where backers are already clustered. i honestly dont see many people being willing to travel, let alone by air over long distances to see a headset they have already purchased. would i fly to france/ central europe. no. would someone fly from LA to NYC . probably not.


top 3 backer countries usa ,germany,uk


then Amsterdam is a good point in EU , I personally will not bother going


It really should be held in “THE CITY”… New York City of course!!!

NY VR show Oct 25-27



London, UK. Got about 20 million people within a couple hours travel.


It would be nice to have one in Switzerland.
The enthusiast VR market is huge here. The GTX 1080 Ti is the most sold graphics card in the country (while in most other countries it’s the 1060 or 1030).

According to Google Trends, Switzerland is globally rank 3 in interest for “Pimax 8K”, right after Finland and Norway.


Cities with airports to make it easier for every backer to come see it.

I say Montreal, Canada.


would love to have one in Tokyo !


New York City, Manhattan!


Yup I’m in the big Apple NYC and I backed 3 8K headsets.


Wisconsin please! (20 character limit met)


I believe each meet up place should be as central to each country as possible…this would enable all people to meet with a similar travel distance. Therefore for backers in the UK. …I vote for Birmingham in the midlands


For Canada, I’d like to see one for Eastern Canada and one for Western Canada. And from that, Vancouver is the obvious one for the west, and I’d say either Toronto, Ottawa, or Montreal for the east.

I’ll admit my bias saying I am from Ottawa, so I’d prefer it here, however I think that Ottawa is a good location because it’s a large enough city and is close enough to both Toronto and Montreal that commuting is doable on a small budget (dont need to fly to make a day trip). I may also have a bit of sway at Carleton University to get a room for this, either in the Azreli Pavillion building or the Human Computer Interaction Building, both are run by my faculty.


I opt for my basement, anything else is simply too far away.

Mabe PimaxVR should decide for good locations, they are the only ones with all the addresses of us backers, no?


I agree that Chicago would be a good ‘central point’ for both US and Canada. Roughly 3-4 hours flying time from both coasts, max.