Where would you like/want a backer meetup to be held in?


Is Guiness good there?


If it’s held at Hilton Chicago O’Hare Airport then folks can walk from the airport…


New York would be great.


They should really just look at the locations of all backers and choose a place where the most backers are near each other. Probably the US, then a state that can be easily traveled too for the backers further out. This way for the thousands of backers that can not make it, at least you will have a bigger statistic of what it is like. And I assume make a better informed decision on 5K vs 8K.

Regardless it will not be in the UK where I live.

And not only that. I am not a backer!

/cry at the hopelessness of it all


I’m Irish decent myself and that’s all I drink…and to be fair it ain’t bad


It is worse than that, PiMax has names and addresses so they know where people are. This isn’t just pointless it is a distraction tactic as they ought to easily know the answers already.


I am voting for Switzerland, too :grin: preferably Zurich or at least some place in Southern Germany. That would be awesome!


US is the odd one out here.
But not wrong in calling them a states.
Remember the U is for union and each state is sovereign under the umbrella of the fedreal government, Each state is then subdivided into counties, divided into smaller areas again into municipalities etc etc.
Apart from Louisiana and Alaska.

Since in most popular culture we, outside the US only hear about states, or specific town names most would mistake or equate a county with a state.

The word state is refering not to a nation or a country but the sovereign government running the nation, made more sense to keep that distinction in days of old where rebellions and other more chaotic means. For instance France was France before the revolution but the state was utterly dismantled.

I’d love to have a demo around here.

But VR is rather niche in Norway ibwould be surprised if there are more than a dozen backers here.

I would happily take ownership of an early unit and provide opinions and UX feedback to Pimax :wink:


I am not an official backer. So I have nothing to ask for really. I am an enthousiast though. So if somewhere around Netherlands, even Germany, is possible, and I could join, even I am not an official backer, please let me know. I will wear a tshirt with my emerald-eye and an emerald pimax image (made by @vorinami) I am so making that Vorinami one into a T-shirt print… :sparkles::sparkling_heart:


Berlin, Germany.
Many VR enthusiasts in here.


Love to have you all meet at my house hehe. That not being likely Toronto please.


Cambridge England? Only 45 minutes from London and you can visit displayLink (who do wireless vr solutions) while your here.


Paris would be great !


Stockholm, Sweden


Finally someone said it @IrregularProgramming :grin:


I’m sure we could entice the missionIX or vrsverige guys to host it :slight_smile:


I know the guys, I could talk to them! Lets hope Pimax can make it :grin:


YES calm and civil. So back to my original post. I hope Pimax fix you up some goodies for all your hard work. Cheers


Thank you. All I want is a great 8K headset to enjoy. Thats goodie enough for me!

Btw I think we switched thread here lol…


+1 for Jacksonville! I live here!