Where would you like/want a backer meetup to be held in?


Well maybe you can just host your own small event when you get your testing m2 unit, no :smiley: ? I bet by now you know as much about the 8K as most pimax reps would :slight_smile:

My vote still goes to an appearance of the 8K at Gamescom though :slight_smile:


Sure, only problem is that Im under NDA… :joy:


Well, NDA does not count when you are at a backers meet up :slight_smile:


To be fair general_jeno has a point…I wouldn’t mind a trip to sweden😉


@xunshu please give us time in between selecting the places you’ll allow private backer tests then having them. The one you previously had was such a short notice, I believe it was 2 days? We may try to travel further distances if we know further out.


I think Pimax wants to arrange those meetings by themselves, so I cant take those decisions. But I will do my best to join one of the meetings if possible :slight_smile:


I’m with George here. France/Belgium/Netherlands/Germany would be great. Also not a backer. I do own a 4K though :stuck_out_tongue: (And I guess one of the few European M0 owners?) Plus I’m willing to help out at a meeting instead too. Almost helped out Pimax @ CEBIT last year, communication was a bit difficult so no deal back then…
Would try to “fix” myself in as a (super-late) backer too if I attend (or a special pre-pre-order deal or something would be nice).


CA Bay area please :slight_smile: backer number 3xxx here…


Send me my PIMAX 8K and then live stream an event from anywhere in the world and I can virtually attend. :sunglasses:


Send me my PIMAX 8K and then live stream an event from anywhere in the world and I can virtually attend.

They need a VR180 camera for that. I can recommend them the 299$ Lenovo Mirage camera. Sebastian Ang (MRTV) already has it, maybe he can record a meetup in VR.


In the Silicon Slopes I can get my company to host. Dedicated VR space, pub adjacent.


This is a brilliant idea

@xunshu Could you please consider allowing Sweviver to host a small demo event for the M2? Same time as your roadshow events :slight_smile:


Munich, Germany :smiley:


Not gonna happen but let’s add Bradford, West Yorkshire UK, at The National Science and Media Museum :stuck_out_tongue:


Some are known as Commonwealth Countries. :smirk:


I vote at least 1 meetup for backers country, ofcourse bigers country 2 and more cities:)


Given that during the backer meet ups we will all get to communicate our individual preference to receive hmd asap with software issues remaining or wait to get software ironed out, and that hmds don’t ship until (a) green light is given and (b) backer meet ups are over,

I propose 1 backer meet up, this weekend, at Swevivers house.

I’ll take my hmd now with the software issues thanks. :gift::wink:


London please…


2000 people at sweviver’s house this weekend


Somewhere rather central in Germany, Cologne comes to mind. It also hosts the Gamescom in August, so there would be a lot of interested game industry people around who could drop in ! We could surely ask the guys who organize the Cologne VR Meetup, e.g. Aron Binienda to help out with the organization.

Munich, Berlin, Hamburg are nice hot spots as such but rather remote in terms of the larger picture to address people in Germany. In Cologne you also allow backers from the Netherlands and Belgium to join.

Personally I‘d prefer Hamburg but as said, that would be quite remote for many others…