Where would you like/want a backer meetup to be held in?


since in Spain we have several testers.
a central point …
It could be in the city of Valencia.
and if … it’s very close to me :wink:


toronto, canada of course


If they are making 320 sets of M2, I think the Beta test was mighty successful. Many kudos to all involved! :sparkles::sparkling_heart:

Now have a few fan meetups in Frankfurt, or Berlin? Paris, or Lyon? London, or Manchester? Ottawa, or Vancouver? Barcelona, or Madrid, or Valencia? Amsterdam (just for me… :sparkles::sparkling_heart:)?


The important question is if the backer meetups will be for backers only or for anyone who will come, as it seems that some most active participants in this thread are non backers :).


nahh, nations capital…of course.


Yes as far as I know these meetups are only for backers.


Paris (north of France with airports)
Toulouse (south of France with airport )


San Antonio Texas is ranked consistently as a best city for conventions. It has many hotels that are nice but inexpensive. The same for dining. I’m not sure about travel expenses to and from. The city is not so large that you feel crowded out by traffic or people.
Austin is excellent but a little more expensive. But it is a destination in of itself for food and entertainment. A beautiful city. Gives conventioners a great experience. Not too many people or cars again, yet feels much larger than it is. Sophisticated. Travel from the airport is quick. It is a technology city. Again I don’t know about travel to and from. Both are consistent top picks.
I have been to and stayed in several dozens of major US cities, Austin and Chicago rank as my favorites. San Francisco ranks up there too, but is very expensive. Philadelphia is awesome, but kind a gritty for a convention. Might scare some, heh.
Hey, as you check out places for conventions, don’t forget to get on Google Earth VR and in Streetview to check things out too. LOL.


Ahhh, yes london would be nice.
Hopefully on my trip, 21-28 august.



I agree that Cologne would be a smart German location for many reasons. But first of all reason is that it is quite central to lots of major cities (except munic and berlin) close to the netherlands as well with great logistic/transportation possibilities.


If enthousiasts are welcome too, I would love to go to Cologne (‘Keulen’ in Dutch, ‘Köln’ in German)


Bottrop-Kirchhellen in germany. Everyone on the village road will confirm that this is the hub of the world.


This is too funny looool


Think making it in cologne (close to gamescom) is the best. Or in the US.


Right, the hot spot to be in traffic jams at least… :joy:


Madrid, quite a few Spanish Backers live here, and it is very convenient for backers from the rest of the country to catch a train or short plane trip to attend the meetup. I will be happy to assist in making it happen.


If it’s in England I would like a VIP pass for my super fan status …*cough*


I too am in Florida. Orlando is the most visited place in the USA and in central Florida - perhaps that would be a great spot for a meetup. They already had Pimax events in New York and California so something in the south would be excellent.


I can sell you a fake id and backer number :wink: