Where would you like/want a backer meetup to be held in?


Really awesome to read that Pimax is opening up the M2 version to backers, I think it’s really a great move by Pimax. It shows confidence in the product and backers can finally get the whole story and see for themselves if they like the HMD, no more secrecy, only honesty! I think that’s what everybody wants at this point, so I really appreciate Pimax is doing this. Some testers might be disappointed that they won’t have prime time stories anymore, but if so then they joined the closed beta for the wrong reasons anyway, so who cares.

On topic, I might be able to join in if the meeting is in West Europe or eastcoast USA, depending on the exact date. And as a bonus, I’m really forward to finally meeting Sweviver in person :slight_smile:


Glad to see ya back from your time-out pal :slight_smile:
And with a positive attitude too!


I can only make the inception face unless there has been some kind of reconciliation/ apology behind the scenes.


Peace, he has worked A LOT in testing the games & apps. Far more than anyone.


Lol. (20 characters)


Laughing cause it’s not gonna happen. Why would they let a random guy host it instead of doing it themselves


GamesCom, Cologne, Germany

22-25. Aug 2018

Not necessarily inside the GamesCom but somewhere around it. The GamesCom itself is, as far as i know, the biggest event in Europe around Games and takes place every year. It could be that a lot of the backers are there anyway.


Would love if we can get one in the UK.
Anywhere in the uk is good. I’ll travel.
If you give us enough notice this time, maybe I’ll even fly to another country on a last minute flight deal


New York City!



if you cant go to portugal its possible madrid or sevilha in a weekeend?


Of course it should be held in Brazil !

yells alone, in the middle of the dark

Of course it should…


thanks for the wakeup coffee humour this morning bud, cheers!


You’re welcome. Glad to be of service.

@xunshu Still stands btw.


Thanks! have added you to the volunteer list & will let you know if we visit London in the future.


one in Cracow please to gather central Europe countries !


The locations are still being decided mate, relax.


Im hoping for amstadam also lots of holiday time to take


Southport , mcdonalds…


…Mcgriddle (20 chars)


Could have sworn it originally said where in the us should meetups be held. Not important…