Where would you like/want a backer meetup to be held in?


IFA (https://www.ifa-berlin.com/en/) is from August 31st to September 5th in Berlin, Germany.
Last year Pimax was exhibiting at IFA. Hope they will do it again this year.

I’m Co-Organizer of the local VR meetup with 2900+ members.

@xunshu: If I can help then just reach out to me.


It used to say something similar to that. I changed it.


Thank you Carmen Sandiego.


+1 for Vancouver… a) because I’m here, and b) because Linus from tech tips is also here. I was surprised Linus didn’t get a beta review unit, but then again he’s not really a VR reviewer exclusively, although I’m sure Pimax will send him a review unit once they start shipping the final version. His video on the one of the prototypes has something like 1.6M views.


I don’t think Linus is an 8K backer, or am I mistaken?


He’s also from what I know not a backer. Hence why he’s mot a tester.


“whst” == Whistler?

I figured he wasn’t a backer… so yeah makes complete sense why he wouldn’t be a tester.

Regardless, I have my fingers crossed for a backer demo either in Seattle or Vancouver. Although I guess that really depends on how many backers there are in the Pacific North West.


Fixed. Whst was supposed to be what. Android on screen keyboards reallt suck at times. Lol


he’s not a backer no.


That guy Linus is so over the top in his screen persona and presentation not so sure I’d even want him to review the “final” ver. of the 8K anyway…


Well, his review of the 8k was pretty good honestly. Sure it wasn’t all positive, but it was an early prototype. It was honest, as every review should be.


Agreed. And his personality is a little bit over the top, but I guess that’s part of being a “successful” youTube personality. But I do think he tends to be fair when he reviews stuff. I thought it was interesting that his review of the Vive Pro was pretty negative… he basically said, it’s a not a next generation product and that after having tested the Pimax 8K v2 back during the kickstarter, he’d recommend that people skip the Vive Pro and wait for next gen HMD like the Pimax.


that was nice of him ,i was thinking of upgrading to vive pro if star vr isnt anything untill pimax release and go from there ,uk london or brighton as bigben all covered up at the moment so no sight seeing


Was that before the leaks


Guys, if you haven’t seen it yet, post here: Vote backer meetup locations if you are a backer!


Seattle, WA USA…


Yes I’m pretty sure that his Vive Pro video was before the leaks… yup, just checked. His vive pro video was published on April 13th, so well before the leaks of the beta issues. That said, I’m not sure that the beta leaks would have any effect on reviews like his (maybe I’m giving him too much credit).

(getting off topic)… I’ve founded, grown, and sold two tech companies – honestly, what I read in the beta test leaks seemed like pretty standard / normal early tester feedback. The thing about many tech products (especially software) is that they basically have zero functionality (i.e. feel completely broken) until they feel 95% completely functional. Most of what I read about in the beta leak were software issues… To me this feels completely normal. And I suspect that competent reviews / tech media would understand that leaked beta feedback, especially regarding software performance, has little relation to the quality of what will eventually ship.


True but his advise was to wait for Pimax , not knowing that the M1 would still require so much development


I think many consumer HMD sellers are having this lens problem. Xtal and Varjo are high end B2B manufacturers and ask for steep amounts of money.

Varjo is way, way too expensive to be a concumerproduct.
Xtal might be ok. We’ll see what Sebastian has to say in 3 weeks. B2B or B2C? Still high pricerange. Most likely B2B.
StarVR might be just an attempt to be relevant in VR in general. They feel the progress Pimax is making, also the other way around. Have to wait untill tomorrow.
Halfdome (Oculus) is coming in 2019? Their customer service might be OK, its American, but still.
HTC is slowly going to the background of VR. I think. Great work initially, but they are not marketing savvy.

Pimax is still going strong. But has to show something solid soonish. This fall 2018. If it becomes winter in 2018, and Pimax is not released in one way or another, people will wait for something more tangible like the halfdome/santa cruz


Forget, gay meetups… Just focus on getting the headset right with testers.

A meetup will take 10 days off s release date