Wheres all the OMG posts?



Ok, I received a Vive base and now I can say “OMG” officially :slight_smile: It is not only working well, it is best tracking I ever had compared to oculus and WMR, because I’ve not noticed any drift at all.

There are some things that could be better, and top of my list would be: a) Smart Smoothing is unusable in rFactor 2 (so I hope it gets improved) b) I believe I have one dead pixel (always blue). AFAIK this also can happen with LCD monitors, so I wouldn’t take this as a negative reflection on Pimax 5k+. It is also impossible to see while actually using the device in game.

Other than that, racing with high FOV/resolution is amazing!


Ive been telling friends to come round and see my “PIMAX OMG’s” :sunglasses::heart_eyes::star_struck:


This is SO true. I’m having so much fun with skyrim :slight_smile:


I’m enjoying Elite Dangerous so much more in VR. I’m currently way up above the galactic core, where the stars thin out. I’m trying to see how high above the galaxy I can get.


I’m currently playing Shadow Legend VR, I like it so far. Also messing around with the Skyrim mods.

Edit concerning the Shadow Legend game: If you’re interested about that game I recommend you to read some reviews before buying.


I know the issue is already known here, but yesterday evening, I fired up another 3D Blu-Ray and was surprised the quality wasn’t as good as I remembered… I’ve put back in my reference disc, Avatar, same thing, everything was more blurry.

What happened is that the setting in the SteamVR config file had reset to 4096. I’ve put it back to 8192 and now everything is back to normal, as beautiful and detailed as before.

The file possibly gets reset after each StreamVR minor update, so I advise to check it each time you’re about to use your headset.


If you want to be in a movie, try TrinityVR, quite cool 12 minuets demo.


2 more OMG moments from me:

  • I am working on a tool for game and I have to see game on a screen once a while. With oculus, every time I saw screen I felt sad seeing how much better game looks on a screen. Guess what, not anymore! Now I think “looks almost exactly as in HMD” and smile.
  • Turns out starting Pitool is not needed to use Pimax device, just to make changes - that I really appreciate.


@Wildcopper , do you mean if we set our Windows desktop to 4K (even if our monitor is only 1080P), then Virtual Desktop or BigScreen will double the resolution than if we just set our Windows desktop to 1080p? That would be a great discovery, but I have some doubts, and I will learn how to force my 1080p monitor to 4K.


Yes it does work. Both Virtual Desktop and Big Screen capture the pixels, not the final video output.


Finally found one of my Rift games that works flawlessly -Rush, which for those not familiar, is the definitive wingsuit racer imo. I give this an OMG moment. The added fov in this game makes it so sweet.
Others that qualifies for me are the first time I took off in my DCS F86 and flying a helicopter around NY on Aerofly FS2


@Wildcopper I enabled DSR, applied SteamVR max resolution tweak, and set SteamVR to 7964x6804, but I can’t see much increase of clarity when playing movies in Virtual Desktop, and it becomes quite jumpy. Maybe it’s because I can’t find an option to set the screen resolution to 4K within Virtual Desktop. How can you do that?



Today I first played Aerofly 2 with Rift. I was flying over Denver downtown to pinpoint Denver International Airport with no success. Switched to Pimax! Woww, it took me a couple of seconds… Not just resolution, but FOV helped me a lot as well. Thank you Pimax!


OMG I figured out why most of my Oculus games weren’t running. As Oculus Rift owner I was running most of my games at 1.5 to 2.0 pixel density and it seems many of the games don’t like more than 1.0 in Pitool so when I launched they would crash with a memory error.
I dropped Pitool to .5 launched the offending titles and lowered the in game SS to 1.0 then went out and set PT to 1.0

Robo Recall-OMG is it nice looking and play with the wands is ok.
Also now have Arizona Sunshine, Island 359, Lone Echo working and looking good but I will save them for real controllers as wands just don’t cut it in those games.


I have changed my 1080P monitor to 4K DSR resolution. Virtual Desktop does not run correctly. The virtual screen is blacked out with only the environment showing. BigScreen does run properly, but I can’t see any improvement. I don’t think setting Windows display to 4K can increase clarity of Pimax headset, as the virtual screen in either VD or BigScreen barely use 1080P within 2K display area of each eye. Correct me if I am wrong, and I really wish I were wrong. :slight_smile: @Wildcopper


Virtual Desktop runs just fine here with 4K DSR activated. There’s something fishy in your configuration.

Core I7 9700k
Geforce GTX 980Ti


It works with BigScreen which is the same as Virtual Desktop. The point is it does not seem to make much sense to set it to 4K other than slowing down the whole system.


For 3D movies, it definitely is worth it. But I don’t feel like arguing for ages about this, it’s simple fact that if you capture the two full 1080p frames to send them to the headset, you get a better results, and the result is obvious.
Or are you trying to say that sending 960x1080 per eye is better than full 1920x1080 ?

Your setup is bugged anyway if you can’t manage to make Virtual Desktop work with 4K DSR.


Had a friend in with his sister from Germany. He had tried a brief stint with the Rift some time back. He spent four hours playing Robo Recall in my 5K. I believe the expression was “OMG the wife is going to kill me but I have to get one of these”.