Wheres the Microphone


As i went to all the other Issues i totaly forgot this:

This was what i was reading before i purchased it and it was one more of the reasons i would have it, i need no more headset or microphone.

Where is the Microphone and how to activate it?


Hello Support, do you have an answer?


What a about an Answer?


And also, what does it mean by positional, does it allow positional tracking, or does it simply mean that the headphones can be re-positioned.


For Sure they talk about the Headphones which you can slide forward and backward on the Headband.
There is no Positional Tracking (maybe they talk about Dolby 5.1) in VR!


It can locate the voice. Such as, some software, the left voice and right voice is different. If u move your turn your head left, the left is in front of u. And right voice is in your back.


Sorry, the microphone has not open yet because of the software. But they didn’t tell us. That is our advertisement mistake, we have already change it. So sorry about is.


I rhink that it is really not possible to have a microphone with HDMI. Perhaps with USB, but there ist noch Microphone built in (Hardware), Thats the Fact and the Advertismennt was wrong from the Beginning! Maybe you can build a Mic into one of the Earphones. Dont know if the Plugs from the Earphone could transmitt the signal over USB. Iy yes, you could give the upgrade to customers woh bought this as a dsevice with Microphone for free!
In Fact you Finally made Wrong Advertisements to your Customers. Thats a Reason for me to think about a Paypal Customer Case!


Bit of a DIY idea:

I was wondering if it is possible to connect a microphone via the headphone jack’s?
then one could simply solder one on to the jack terminal inside the headset :slight_smile:

Could the Pimax guys give some info on this?


What solutions do people use for this now? I like the Pimax headphones but I really need a mic


A headset or a mic with extension. Been looking for a bluetooth microphone


Me too, but can’t find anything so I thought to ask here


Pimax should point us in a direction or just create a set with long cable to just add maybe. I’m done spending so much time looking for a model, just point me to something Pimax


I hear you. One thing i haven’t tried is maybe a bluetooth headset might be able to disabke audio n just use mic part


just fyi. i had to take my pimax apart due to dust on screen and the usb and hdmi cable are not hard wired. im wondering if its possible to unplug the usb from the mainboard in the headset add a micro usb hub and add a usb microphone. not to sure if it would work. the other plan is to wire up my own mic on a cable the same lenght as the pimax and cable tie it together


You can likely can add a hub but may need to swap the the main usb cable with a cable with dual usb plugs (one is data the other is to boost the power) like some portable external blu ray drives have


yeah i think a extended mic is best option considering its already bound by a cable



I was thinking this if it’s possible to split audio output from microphone input. I could just tape the mic section to the bottom of the headset


so ive done some looking around and ive found what looks like the placement of intended microphone as well as a 2 pin port similar to the headphones under the board. im wondering if i can hook up a microphone to that port if it will work.


ive hooked up a mic into the port but it seems id need a firmware that allows it to be enabled. there are a whole bunch of empty ports on the boards in this thing as if its setup for 2 screens or something. very interesting