Wheres the Microphone


Can you post a screen shot picture of the ports and your mic mod. @Pimax-Support can you please check with the pimax engineers if there is a firmware to enable the mic port in foggers upcoming pictures?



ok dont mind the bad photos and the dust.

here is the inside of the outter case and u see the circular mount over the grill section, this to me is a microphone mount.

on the left side of the main board under the port for the speaker and control buttons is another white 2 pin port. i assume is ment for a microphone but not sure.

and since im the kind of person that uses parts from old electronics i managed to find this cable with the same style connector from a laptop, although the connector was a 5 wire i trimmed it down with a knife to make it a 2 wire and cut and soldered a microphone from an old headset to the end. finding a cable to suit will be the hardest part of this as the connections on the board are micro and trying to solder to them with a regular iron would likely damage the board.

ive messaged pimax on skype to see if there is any firmware avaliable to test but i dont think ill be in luck. for now ill likely try some other mods i have planned.


@bacon Please elaborate this issue to @frogger @Enopho


Sorry, we have planned the microphone function in the early of this project, but then removed this function for some technical reason so we don’t have firmware to open mic. This case should be a Ad mistake. We are sorry for that and to check what happened.


may i ask the issue that you had out of interest. it seems a fairly simple thing to implement.


Yes, it is fairly easy to realize, we made a low-leve error and at the same time we find this requirements is not that strong, so removed it later.


Would you tell me where you see this Ad?@Tomkin


i did not see the add to be honest , i just assumed the headset would include a microphone as it is a basic component that is of high priority in many vr games like big screen and altspace. thanks for the reply.


Has this changed? Is there really no microphone port?


No mic it was a misprint