Which game can be played with no station and XBox controller?



I am desperate to get the base station and the controllers from Pimax…
I am flight simmer, so I can enjoy my Pimax5K+ but I would like to discover some VR experience…
Can someone tell me which game, preferably experience, can be use in VR without base station and using XBox controllers…


@Heliosurge knows… :+1::wink:

You could also search in Steam VR category using these tags (as far as I remember):

  • Seated
  • Controller support


I play luckytales 2 from oculus


Here’s a short list


Thank you all… I found a couple of stuffs there such as Rollercoaster Xperience, Solar System Journey VR, Inmind VR, Starman’s VR Experience, Starman’s VR Experience…
So I am going to test those.


WarRobotsVR is s free Mech Demo game.


I"m doing elite dangerous now and it works