Which GPU with the 4k?


Hi Guys,
Thinking about “renovating” my system and buying the 4K and a new GPU.
GTX 1080TI is off the table because of pricing.
What is a better choice in combination with the 4K, a GTX 1070TI or a GTX 1080?
They are more or less the same price.



Check the reccommendation here. Tom’s Hardware is a great place to get advice.

With same or similar price point it says 1080 better option the 1070ti.

Good to compare brands as well.


Considered a 1060 with the 8K? Price-wise it should be the same I think.The 4K is good but right now i’d wait and see how the 8K reviews are.


I think the 1060 6g might work okay like my r9 390 8g. But will need to dial settings down for sure. At keast fir tge 5k/8k headsets.


I have a 960 right now and offcourse the 1060 is a step up but when i am going to buy a new gpu i want something for the future.
So i am more tempted to buy a higher class gpu


Ah, yeah makes sense. 1160?


The minimum suggested card from Pimax for the 8K is the 1070, but I can tell that having an overclocked 1080 and going up to 90% GPU occupation in some AAA titles already with the WMR resolutions, I seriously doubt a 1060 would be enjoyable with the 8K on the best VR titles.

Probably okay for the 4K only, but if planning to move on the 5K/8K it would be a better investment to put money on the best GPU you can buy.