Which high end VR bundle would you recommend?



So if you had a wealthy (£1,500 budget) friend who has no other hmd but wanted to buy a high end VR bundle today - which one would you recommend today? Pimax, Vive Pro, Valve index, another?


There is no Pimax bundle yet. You gotta buy Index I think.


I’d agree with @TOOOOHKA atm likely Index as a complete package. Pimax you’d need to mix with ordering index componets until there full package available.


Would also be good to know what the spec of the PC is that is going to run the VR.


Wireless Vive Pro is hard to beat.


Good point. As a fan of Pimax I got frustrated when in comparison some YouTubers either didn’t mention them or simply ruled them out for this reason - but I guess a bundle does makes ownership a lot easier.

In hindsight in this thread we should include (as @Heliosurge hinted) mix and matching component parts from different vendors if people feel the benefits out way the extra effort.

High end GPU ie NVIDIA 2080.


i am the point to think thisis the best way to go.
Take the best form each provider (helmet=pimax, strap=Vive LH/controller=Index)
not sure it will cost more and you do not have to wait.
and pimax could focus on the real stuff.