Which were your first computers?


I’ve been a computer hardware enthusiast ever since purchasing my first Atari 800 computer back in High School (yes, I’m probably older than most people here). So this isn’t my first new electronics rodeo. I have a pretty good idea of how these things develop. Everything I’ve posted is simply my opinion. If other evidence surfaces, I may end up changing how I feel. But for now, I can easily see Pimax releasing the 5K/8K headsets sometime this summer, the full package 5K/8K and the 8K X sometime later. Possibly late summer/early fall. After that, the stretch goal components.

Nothing ever goes as smoothly as planned. As long as Pimax remains committed to quality rather than release date, I’ll remain content for now. I have nearly $1K wrapped up in my pledge. And within my budget, that’s a really good sized chunk of money. So I would rather get my headset later and in good working condition than receive a half-baked product sooner and be stuck with it that way forever.

Pimax 8K Progress [Updated: Feb 6, 2018]

your story is my story, and I suspect at least a dozen of other users here who share this exact story.
But, in the process, please stay vigilant.

*I started with Z80 processor and BASIC


C=20 first computer owned with tape drive. Also had a console sorta called something like Telestar basic tank game 2 players your tank looked like an H with a cannon. Lol. Think we even had a standalone pong game with paddles. :v::joy::+1:

Mirq always looks for the half mt glass.


ZX80/81 myself. Think I got a 2K expansion for it for power gaming lol. Are we THAT old…mehhhh (Cartman style)


ZX81 then Spectrum then Amiga… Its been amazing watching the evolution of the home computer!


ZX81 didnt even use a tape recorder… type in your game and play it till you turn it off… repeat lol


Jealously looking at friends C20, then got a C64 - directly going on a spending spree buying the floppy drive to avoid the cassette drive. Good ol’ times…

And then the normal progression: Amiga 500 and then the era of the PC started with my 386-25. I did pick up the occasional console, but typically just for one single game (PC Engine - Final Match Tennis; Sega Mega Drive - that hockey game whose name escapes me; N64 - International Superstar Soccer)


ZX81 (with a friend) 1K + 16K, Spectrum 16K with Microdrive at school, Spectrum + (48K) with tape recorder at home (after considering Amstrad, Commodore 64), Commodore Amiga 500 (with another 512KB expansion), 486 DX…


Atari 2600 here LOL :slight_smile: Then started programming and hacking on the Amiga 500, demo scene :slight_smile:


I’m really dating myself!! Original TRS 80 then Apple II. 1978. Worked for Apple 1980 to 1982 during the release of the Lisa, & Apple III. Miss those exciting times. Agree about the amazing progress in such a short time.


Jee, gosh, more people than I thought. No wonder why we are insane bakers of Pimax.


this 54 in your nick… 64 years old? Wow!


soon to be 66. I still have my Cybermaxx VR headset from the 90’s we have indeed come a long way.


Zx81 1k , my super commodore Vic 20 5k and Spectrum 16k , we are older boys :slight_smile:


I remember those times with my Atari 7800 with Desert Falcon … what a marvelous game it was… it was my first touch with 3D (isometric) games. :grinning:


TRS 80 here, but my first actual computer gaming experience was in the 70’s on a TRW mainframe. My brother and I played a Star Trek game against each other. Federation X’s, Klingon O’s. Quadrants were square boxes with a grid of periods for distance like the boardgame Battleship. Never dreamed we would play a game like Elite Dangerous.


Anybody have the BBC Micro? Amstrad 464 or the amazing Archimedes with whatever that flight simulator was called. A mate of mine called me to his work to see it on a client’s computer @spamenigma :smiley:


My first virtual reality game was this, at the beginning of the 90s:

Exorex, with an Amiga 3000.



Chocks Away I think it was… :slight_smile: