Who banned neelrocker?



I know he was kind of annoying sometimes, but censorship is not the way to go…


He just posted a few minutes ago ranting about being banned for a post here. HP Reverb now or wait for Pimax 8K X . he said the post in question was post number 193. If you read some of his original posts in this thread he gets heated with Sweviver about broken Pimax promises. Hmmmm


The question is who banned him @Heliosurge maybe you can shed some light…


Right, my post is for those who want to know why


He’s posting about it on Reddit to:

What a title… :crazy_face:


Click on his profile & view deleted posts. It will show who deleted posts.

Difficulty seems to stem from someone not knowing:


Is neither true or untrue. It is a possibility. One that could have been resolved by a simple post like this. It is not consider False statement.

This one for examplebis very clear on Lighthouses (no wiggle for change)

Sweviver’s response they are coming.

And more recent from Kevin

If Pimax wants a new "Wow!" for their headsets, get that LeapMotion module out!

Instead of flagging posts & escalating things. Tired been a rough month Loosing 2 friends. 1 hit by car & another by heart cancer. Signing off for a bit. Maybe @SweViver & @Dallas.Hao can sort this out.


He specifically fronted a conspiracy theory that Pimax is intentionally delaying LH deliveries so we can coerce existing obligations into accepting inside-out tracking instead. I had warned him repeatedly about fronting false diabolical plan theories.

A long time ago a politician publicly accused another politician of some highly vile actions. His campaign manager told him why did you say that as it obviously not true. The politician replied “I just want to see him deny it.” In effect his purpose was to make a vile allegation just to see us deny it and create posts and threads that revolve around a completely false narrative. This forum isn’t a platform for posts purely intended to create as many angry people as possible.


I scanned through his posts about the LH’s, after all they were on my thread, I have to say I felt like there was no convincing him otherwise. Like most conspirists they truly believe what they are conspiring and will sometimes do whatever it takes to convince otherwise, I dont think he meant to do harm but I guess Pimax gotta keep the peace


As you can see with linked posts cleared concerns. It’s not a conspiracy theory as pimax did remove the proximity sensor after stating the models Sweviver Voodoode & Seb were final that had it. Model shipped to backers had this omitted & the sensor is used by some games & does have an affect when watching movies & headset goes to sleep.

While I think the concern of forcing backers to accept IO instead of LHes isn’t much of a concern by the linked posts. Past history can make it needed to be aleviated especially since we have the trackpad controllers not being made with sense as clear in KS stretch goals & pre order on controllers.

Unless your willing to clear that pimax will make trackpad sense controllers as promised.

We should keep political leaders out of discussions as political leaders are often poor examples as role models.


The problem there was no simple attempt to try. Neel did however reveal he has lighthouses.

Veiling a threat never descalates situations.

A series of links showed the concern was over inflated. But given proximity sensor & controllers needed to be affirmed history would not be repeated.

Plus tge VR roundtable “Thought Labeled” experiment gave the theory a foundation in @fishfingers first topic asking about this possibility as presented during the interview.


That being said Neel is making himself look foolish with free speech non sense being amped up. Instead of taking a timeout to calm down over feeling being threatened over a concern.


Does anybody here believe that Neel’s supposed IO tracking would or could be added to existing HMD’s. Where Are The Cameras?? LOL


PimaxUsa clarified that. The usb expansion port on the bottom. So yes an IO module is possible… But he also stated suplementary meaning optional addon or enhancement. An example of IO module enhancement Hand Tracking Module, VRFree gloves etc…


The chain of problems is a result of bad circumstances due to unfortunate events & communication.

  • Feb LH update based on info at the time. Failed to become true due to Supplier having issues ramping up until March. Not the fault of pimax or supplier sh*t happens & delays result.
  • March LH update was unclear (proving english doesn’t need to be a 2ndary language) Supply resolved & are being manufactured. This lead to beleif pimax was producing. This was later clarified Supplier resolved issue & was ramping up production. Meaning pimax’s order should be inbound soon to be rebranded.

Problem is often branding somwthing as a strawman argument except when it suits/supports the Strawman labeller’s position.


So what’s the state with LH? If Pimax don’t give info, people will get bored waiting and make their own.
It’s not the first time there was communication problems with Pimax.


Lack of communication is the reason why people speculate or, in some people’s head, conspire. The best way to remedy this is by being more communicative and listen to your own customers, I would suggest giving weekly update for now and then ease out to monthly update. Do not give empty promises and don’t lie. This is the best way to keep both sides in touch.

Banning people is not the solution, though lately it seems to be PImax’ way of solving issues. As though we the customers are the problem. This egocentric way of thinking is the reason people go back to using Vive. I know I am. At least until they fixed up the recent “stable” PiTool.


Yongkykun is going to be banned in 3…2…1…


Thats exactly how many people feel about Pimax… Sadly…


Pimax is a small company and I feel they really make an effort. With so many backers you can’t satisfy everyone so let’s all stay positive instead of forming theories. That’s my opinion.


Agreed but instead of resorting to threats. Just reafirm what is happening instead of using counter productive means. As it would have avoided this whole stupidity of childish escalations.


Personally I dont like the idea on banning people but after reading through all recent posts from neelrocker Im getting a feeling he was mainly here to start an “uprising” against Pimax. Its quite a common phenomena to troll on Forums and in comments, and I guess to a degree we have to accept it. But going too far with trolling shouldn’t be accepted and a temp/perm ban is simply the only solution.

Love it or hate it but I have done the same to two of my commenters on my channel. Blocket them permanently. It just went out of control where they started to spam every single video with lies, assumptions and bs. I don’t accept that. And neither should Kevin or anyone else here accept such things in this Forum.