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Controlling toxic posts is all good, but steps also need to be taken to stop people from speculating. Pimax needs to start weekly updates at the very least to keep us abreast of the goings on in Pimax.

This whole thing started out as a Kickstarter campaign, so no surprise that we feel as though we are a part of the company to some degree. Keeping us in the dark regarding a lot of things is part of the reason we are seeing “insurgencies” in the forum. Speculations run wild and makes Pimax seem unsympathetic.

PS: delays is a non issue if we are kept in the loop regarding difficulties in production.


I think backers needed to read KS policies more closely. It is a crowd funding platform that pitches an idea, and if funding is successful, maybe you get a product.

People are screaming at this startup week on week about lighthouses, controllers, stretch goals, etc.

If you have your HMD, be happy. The extras will come in time. But, remember that they are suppliments.to the HMD, and Pimax is not in charge of the supply chain for anytjing but their HMD.

I think, taken as a whole, that Pimax has done very well at reaching out to the community and keeping them up to date.

I understand people are upset about Light House, controllers, Add on Modules, etc. but, this is a startup that is developing HMDs.

Look at all the poor folks who backed the Sixsense stem! Look how long they all had to wait, and still got NOTHING!

At least Pimax is making good on their promise of high FOV.


Some of us are easy to please while many aren’t…


Diplomacy is about difusing situations of which no attempt was tried. I linked 3 posts that could have been done to reafirm things. I am sure Marcin you at least attempted to reason with them before threatening action.

It rarely goes well using a threat of action against a concern. Even if concern might be viewed as out there.

I do agree somethings are 100% black & white. Like someone suggesting a user do themself & others a favor & kill themselves.

To my discredit. I was so concerned with getting the post removed from sight. I neglected issuing a warning or even more appropiately giving an immediate suspension. But next time I will be diligent in doing so (hopefully it doesn’t occur again). I was shocked by that kind of rage.


True, but this is not Sixsense stem, I agree with you since this is my first Kickstarter campaign I backed (out of 4) that actually pulled through and sent out the product, comparing it to any other start ups accomplishes nothing. The issue here is that we were promised a number of things and, as I have pointed out as well, if they have issues, keeping us up to date should not be an issue and to some degree you are inaccurate in saying that we should be happy with our HMDs since it doesn’t come with the strap (the one that comes with the HMD is a stand-in, which is why it’s vastly different from product pictures and the picture that pops up in PiTool), plus the case cracks at the corner(s). Suggesting rushed product, which is fine and understandable but not keeping us in the loop is the major issue and leads to speculations and “conspiracies” which led to us to this problem.

And lest we forget, they received further funding from Tianma Bearing Group Company,
Shenzhen O-film Tech Company and Galaxy Internet, which means that they are no longer a company funded solely by backers from their Kickstarter campaign, but also corporations. Meaning that marketing and a good PR should have been their priority to keep those investors happy. Their obligations no longer concern only backers but those corporations as well. Bad PR and non-existent marketing will be their downfall. There are some new additions to the Pimax team, which is always good, but so far none of them are part of Pimax marketing team or PR, so they just pop in for a couple of days, then gone. I was promised that someone from Pimax will contact me regarding my cracked case, I heard nothing so far and it’s been days.

So no, I disagree with you regarding Pimax keeping the community up to date since news doesn’t always come from official channels. Take the PiTool software for example, we sometimes receive word from Sweviver back before he joined Pimax team, which is weird. And news don’t have any set schedule so sometimes we don’t hear anything from them for months.

So be happy that you are not as concerned and as frustrated as me. I’m sure some of you who have read my posts would attest that I used to be very supportive of Pimax, but I can no longer do so. I’m tired.


Conspiracies has one major flaw.

They require competence.

Something pimax has yet to demonstrate much of.


Pimax is not a startup, they released the Pimax 4k before KS…
KS policies is not: just send money maybe you’ll get something.
Pimax is producing everything, even the LH officially, so far it’s just speculation that Valve is producing them. What you call extras are not extras, backers paid more money to get them.


No it’s not speculation on Valve producing LH v2.0 modules to be rebranded by the likes of HTC & pimax.

The march update on LH production was not clear. My last link has a post where it had been cleared up. Valve had started ramping up production meaning pimax should in the near future would receive their order.

I linked a post long ago where in HTC forums. HTC clarified Valve controls & supplies LH v2.0 supply & rules on sales. Hence why HTC wasn’t able to sell v2.0 LHes seperately.



Q. Why aren’t you letting third-parties build their own versions of SteamVR base stations?

A. For now we need to make sure that there is complete compatibility among base stations and tracked devices. Longer term, we do want the hardware community to help us evolve base station design and to help innovate in that area, but given our own limited bandwidth we need to push that collaboration out to some future date.

source: https://steamcommunity.com/app/507090/discussions/0/360671247404603033/


Did you just make a vile allegation? Personally against an individual? An individual you know has no right of reply? Whilst complaining that he made a vile allegation against a company, a non-entity? One that has intentionally misled him before?

Censorship is for losers who can’t stand losing or those not interested in truth.

If he is irrational, why couldn’t a rational person demonstrate that through conversation? If he’s wrong why can’t you confirm it with facts? (I’m not arguing he’s right btw). Censorship is always about hiding truth, or spreading evil because you were too lazy to deal with truth at the time. It’s a claim you have a greater right to truth than others, and that you have a right to take from others.


@Heliosurge @mmorselli thx for that, I remember now. Still it’s not info from Pimax, it’s an info you found yourself.


Pimax simply calls them their partner. Might be a weird stipulation in an NDA not to name them.

Our partner has ramped up LH production.

@Flinnt notice the question ignored?


Do we have any ETA for LH? I guess not or we wouldn’t have had all of this drama :rofl:

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