Who else thinks it should be called “m1” instead of “8k”?


I feel the same way

They knew it’s called pimax 8k during Kickstarter


uhh, another thread with Pimax name sugestion… , please stop this nonsens


This is from the assumption that “4K” and “8K” can only refer to 16:9 and 2160p. That isnt even remotely true for 4K so why should it apply to 8K. 4K UHD 16:9 isnt even 4000 pixels wide. The whole thing is a sham and consumers are always expected to be able to read more than just a headline marketing term to determine the real specs of a product.

Dont even get started on HDR TV’s at 400 nits.


Who cares what it’s called it’s what it can do that matters!!!
If they called it the Pimax 2000k I wouldn’t care. So many people seem to want to look for problems rather than celebrate the successes!


Not at all…really like the Pimax 8k and 5k names…
My car is meant to be a 2000 cc but in reality is 1992 cc , i will not go and change the name on it .