Who had the 1970's VR headset? AND How did you hear about the Pimax 4K?



Heres my 1970’s VR headset. Only till now do I actually understand how that little Viewmaster rendered a 3D image, LOL!


Also I was just curious as to how you guys first heard about the Pimax 4K. The first time I heard about it was watching a well known youtube video showing the SDE of 4 different headsets, one being the Pimax 4K. I saw the video and I was sold, until I bought it and saw the ghosting :ghost: :frowning:


I had one those :laughing:

Pimax 4k was a random add on kijiji.


Nice, had to Google kijiji!?!


Remember that 3D image. I had never seen anything like it before. It was pretty amazing!


Indeed think in mine it was a tree & the sun.


I remember rocket ships and planets, if I remember correctly they were actual photos from NASA!