Who know the brightness setting for SteamVR?


Yesterday I just test samsung and vive pro by the same computer of my friend.

I feel that the white colour is “yellow”, brightness is dropped. When I see his monitor, the white colour is the same “yellow”.

I ever test samsung on my computer and I think it has much brightness, vive still has more brightness than the test.

I am not sure what he set, I try to disable direct mode and set the vive brightness in nvidia panel. When I enable direct mode, the brightness is not changed.


its not possible in a way you want to do this, in steam vr app is feature called „night mode „ which dim hmd a lot.


I have checked the night mode in the setting, It not be ticked. I always use it on my vive, but I think it is too dark.

I will try let my friend to adjust brightness on monitor and check the headset brightness.


After try to test WMR (acer), the brightness of vive setting effect to WMR while I can’t use direct mode for WMR (can’t see headset in nvidia panel).This is funny.


i’m wondering if this is the right forum to be asking this on?

So…your testing a WMR headset in Steam and comparing it to your Vive and are asking about brightness in the Displays?

umm…should this not be in the Samsung forum, or the HTC Vive forum or even Steams Forum? unless I am missing something and there is a Pimax in your testing somewhere that you left out?


I not specific any forum to ask because this is about steamvr which be used in all headset and I only think that a lot of expert here.

I found some technical on Eliite Dangerous forum when I search on google, not see any steamvr. I ask some 2-3 questions on steamvr forum, but not get any reply.


No harm in asking here but this forum is really for Pimax HMDs… Have you tried asking on the Samsung Odyssey or HTC Vive forums as these are the HMDs your testing - I’m sure they have experts in their devices too?


Although this is pimax forum, but I think almost member here are not pimax expert, they play vive before moving to pimax soon. I think it is not different too much. I ever ask in WMR forum or steamvr group on facebook, not get much answer and I always find answer by myself.

I think a lot of vr expert stay at here while other normal user still happy with old gen of headset.


By the way. I can’t select Night Mode on 8K. Item grayed. Is this option available only for Vive??
And the second, anyone knows, Night Mode just dim everything or cut blue light?