Who's signed for my deliveries?!



I have sent in a support ticket, (SUP-30 Enquiry), but as we know responses are slow.

I have backed the kickstarter twice.
I found the emails with the tracking numbers in my spam folder.

Looking them up it claims both were signed for.
However I have not signed for anything!
Neither has anyone at my house!

I have emailed DPD Local to get them to find out who has signed for them.
but twice now they have replied with

I have provided this information twice, and it has been a week now and DPD has not replied back to me!

Please can you chase this up with them?

The tracking numbers are

  1. 15976521700904
    Consignment Number 9170973394/0
    Sender’s Reference R8002819021900102 80028
    Shipped Date 19 February 2019

  2. 15976521700973
    Consignment Number 9170974076/0
    Sender’s Reference R8002819021900115 80028
    Shipped Date 19 February 2019

@Dallas.Hao @Matthew.Xu


Any chance of an update?

@Pimax-Support @PimaxVR @Dallas.Hao


Finally been able to log onto the website to get to support page
Ad blocker was blocking the page from loading the sign in frame

SUPEN-2632 created but needs to be looked at urgently please!