Why all of the sudden ATW? You guys said ASW. Many times


For you, not everyone which is a ton of people.


I 100% agree with you!


Agree, I got nausea in the DK2, never in the Vive or Rift.


I’m not sure it was the 75hz that was the problem for some people on DK2, the software was just not as hot at the time and no asynchronous timewarp available until CV1 came out. Once 1.0 Oculus runtime came out, DK2 became a whole new machine.


Not exceeding or at least matching the spec standards set by the main vr (steamvr and oculus) not only is a bad idea because valve and Facebook know what they’re doing, but it will also inhibit some people from buying a pimax when it has a weak link like low refresh rate on the displays. Also it hurts immersion, and

the whole dang point IS IMMERSION.

Your initial conscious observation may not know it, but your body certainly will sense it. Vr cannot be dragged down by flat pancake monitor standards.